Saturday, July 26, 2014

Final Comments for 2014

Well the season is over and although it didn’t turn out quite the way we were hoping, it was still a great season.  The Railroaders finished the regular season play in second place, their 5th year in a row to do so.  As usual Fulton was slow getting started then moved up quickly and became a force to be reckoned with.  The players gave the fans some thrilling games to watch and developed lasting friendships.  They will be missed and we hope to see them again in the future.

The owners, management, and fans say “Thank you” to all 2014 Railroader players and wish them the very best in their education and baseball endeavors.  We hope they enjoy some time off now before going back to school and it’s well deserved.

For those who wish to express their thoughts on the 2014 season, this is the place to do it.  Leave your comments here, and thanks again to the fans and everyone involved in bringing baseball to Fulton.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Powering Up for Round 2 amd Game 2 with Hoppers

The Railroaders find themselves in a familiar position with their backs against the wall after losing an extra innings close game in Hoptown last night.  Trailing 1-0 in the best of three series creates a must win tonight in Fulton if the Railroaders want to continue on the playoffs.  Will we see the Railroaders again on Saturday?  You’ll have to come to the Yard tonight or listen online to find out.

Fulton achieved the second seed and home field advantage in round 2, and now is the time to use it.  You can be sure the Hoppers will bring fans, so we need everyone who is able to come out and support the Railroaders as they attempt to carry on.  Against the Hoppers, Hoptown considers the Railroaders the underdog in spite of Fulton’s second place standing.  The Hoppers do have a much better head-to-head record with the Railroaders, but last year proved they could do it when they were down by a game in the championship series and came back to win two games in Hoptown to win the title.  There’s no reason Fulton can’t do it at the Yard and advance on to the championship round in 2014.

Do or die time now.  Let’s get this engine fired up and roll over the Hoppers tonight!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Enough Hoppers to shake a stick at!

Three, maybe four, games left to play with the Hoppers and all in a row.  Tonight we complete the regular 2014 season play with Hoptown in Fulton.  The game to decide who is the second place and third place teams in the standings. 

The standings determine the seeding for post-season playoffs and the number 2 and 3 teams will meet again tomorrow, Thursday to begin round 2 of the playoffs (round 1 a single game tonight in Dubois, Bombers playing Miners).  Round 2 is different, it will be the best of 3 games, the winner here will play in the final third round for the playoff championship.

The Railroaders and Hoppers will meet tomorrow no question about it, but the question is where?  If the Railroader win tonight they will travel to Hoptown on Thursday for one game, then return to Fulton on Friday for game two and in Fulton on Saturday is a third game is necessary.  If the Hoppers win tonight, the Railroaders will host the Hoppers in Fulton tomorrow, then travel on Friday to Hoptown. 

So what’s it to be?  The Railroaders will need all the support they can muster at the Yard tonight.  Hoptown will bring plenty of their own.  This will be the biggest game so far on the year as the Hoppers and Railroaders battle for position.  Hoppers are rested….Railroaders are warmed up and ready.  See you at the Yard or on TeamLine.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time Machine to Hammer the Hoppers

Because of the ruling from the OVL, the Railroaders have actually traveled back in time the same moment they were before the erased Hoppers forfeits on Saturday and Sunday.  The Railroaders back then still needed to beat the Hoppers on Sunday and take one or both their Miners games, depending upon what would have happen on Saturday in Dubois County.  The ruled tie ballgame actually helped the Railroaders by creating a half loss for the Hoppers that required the Railroaders to only win one game against the Miners and still has a shot at second seed Hoptown.  That win came for the Railroaders on Monday downing the Miners 10-4 in Fulton. 

The OVL ruling slightly altered the time line and only delayed the game we must play.  The Hoppers may feel vindicated by the ruling, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Railroaders still stand in their way for second place.  It’s up to the Railroaders to still take the Hoppers on and win, not only the final game of the season but also in the Playoffs which begin for Fulton on Thursday.  In total, the Railroaders will battle with Hoppers for the next three to four days to see who will continue on to the final Championship Round in post season playoffs.

Now should the Hoppers decline to come and play Fulton on Wednesday, that’s okay I suppose.  Maybe they just want to give us second standing.  But on second thought, I doubt it!

Let’s keep the pressure up and get the train moving down the tracks.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hoppers one more time; BUT NOT TONIGHT

UPDATE:  Due to the bawl last night in Dubois County, the Hoppers do not have enough players to play the Railroaders.  Fifteen Hopper players were rejected and suspended for the next scheduled game by OVL rule.  That game was the Railroaders tonight.  A forfeit win for Fulton will be recorded by the close of other OVL action tonight.
The Railroaders have it in they own hand now to take second place.  Fulton finds itself wedged between the angry Hoppers and Bombers, the three teams only separated by 1 ½ games in the middle of the standings.  With three Railroader games left, Fulton must win tonight over the Hoppers and take one of the two games remaining with the Miners in order to secure a second seen for Post Season Play.

Although the outcome of last night’s game in Dubois is under investigation and review by the OVL, the Railroaders still can ensure a second place standing by winning all three of their games left.  Bottom line here is “Just win Baby” and take it.

Tonight’s Hoppers game and Monday’s with the Miners are the final two home games for Fulton in the regular season.  At this point Fulton will see at least one home post season game, when and who are still to be determined.  Monday’s game is also Fan Appreciation Night with give-a-aways and more fun.  Don’t miss tonight or Monday at the Yard, the Railroaders need your support. 

Fire up it and let’s get the train a rollin’