Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's try it again!

Tonight we play the 4-11 Bobcats, just a game behind our 5-10 Railroaders.  A battle in the OVL Standings' basement. Not a nice position to be in.  Can the Railroaders turn it around?

As mentioned in the last post, however now updated, the Railroaders have almost matched last year's season start of 5-11 (which was on June 22, 2012).  At that time, the Railroaders began to win 12 games straight, a team and league record.  Is it possible for the 2013 Team to repeat?  That's a tall order in my estimation, but if a strong finish for 2013 is ahead something good needs to happen soon.

Of the 10 losses thus far, the Railroaders fell by 2 or less runs in 7 of those games.  We need to win the close games, no doubt about it.

It's Friday, and we need the fans at the Yard tonight to spur the Railroaders on.  Let tighten up and defense, and get the bats going.  The race is tight with the top 4 teams, we're 4 1/2 games back, and 30 games to go.  Do the math, we can do but we need to begin now! .

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Looking for a Home Win against the Oilers

The Oilers come into Fulton tonight with a 8-5 record, and in a 3-way tie in 1st place with the Pirates and Hoppers. Our Railroaders are 3 1/2 games back in 5th place.  About this time last year, the Railroaders were 5-11, our current record is 5-9.  It's also about the same time the Railroaders began a 12 game winning streak.  It's that time Guys!  Time to tighten up and play ball.  We have the pitching and it needs consistent backup defensive play, along with clutch hits at the plate.  Still plenty of baseball left to play!

Let's get this turned around now!