Friday, July 24, 2015

Semifinal Round Two – Game One

The Railroaders begin their Post Season Playoff run tonight at the Yard in a best of three series against the Miners.  Games two and three (if needed) will be in Madisonville.  The Bombers and Hoppers will also begin their round two series in Hopkinsville.

The Miners won the 2nd seed position by beating the Railroaders of 6 of 10 games in the regular season.  Both teams are pretty well matched up on paper when looking a total season stats, however the Miners have edged past the Railroaders in stats for the 10 games head-to-head, reflecting the 6-4 Madisonville record against Fulton.

The Miners have been hot of late winning their last 6 games of the season and 9 of their last 10 games.  If the Railroaders are going to advance to the Championship Round Three, they are going to have to unload their Big Guns for tonight and the weekend.

Both teams have rested a day and should be ready to go. The Playoff Title is up for grabs and time for final 2015 contests to begin.  Hope you can make it to the Yard, should be exciting.  See you there or online TeamLine. “Fire it Up!”

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Post Season Playoffs loom before final Home game

Little Jayce helps press box during rain delay
The unfortunate loss last night precludes any chance the Railroaders had to take the season pennant. Hats off the to the Bombers who were able to sit at home last night and win their first regular season OVL title. 

Where’s that leave the Railroaders?  They must fight to beat the Hoppers tonight at the Yard and hope the Bombers take out the Miners in Madisonville at the same time.  Question is, will the Bombers play a good enough or slack off knowing they are already set as the #1 seed for Post-Season play. 

The Miners need only to tie season records with the Railroaders to gain the #2 spot for the playoffs. That leaves the Railroaders in #3 seed. In the last 5 seasons (including pre-OVL play) the Railroaders have secured the #2 mark to finish the season.  That distinction is in jeopardy tonight.

The #2 seed in the playoffs is significant for home field advantage in Round Two.  The second round Best of Three series will start with a game at #3 seed’s home field.  The second and third (if needed) games will be played at the #2 seed’s home park. In the first 4 years of the OVL the Railroaders have won the Post-Season Playoff title twice from the #2 position. Only the Hoppers have taken the post-season award one time starting from the #3 spot.

We’ll find out tonight at the Yard if the Fulton can take care of half the solution while monitoring the other half in Madisonville, and cheer for the Railroaders and Bombers to win.

We hope everyone can make the game for the final regular season home game in 2015.  Our new TeamLine commentator; Jayce will be there with a couple of uplifting thoughts I'm sure, to urge the Railroaders towards a victory.  See you at the Yard or online TeamLine.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Oilers and Railroaders tonight

Although the rain has come through the Yard this morning, the heat of the afternoon will dry things out for the Railroaders and Oilers for tonight’s game. With two games left, the task before the Railroaders is simple. Winning today and tomorrow ensures Fulton at least the second standing for the regular season.

Tomorrow the Railroaders will finish the season at home with the Hoppers and the Miners will host the Bombers to complete the regular season. If the Railroaders win their final two and the Miners beat the Bombers, Fulton will take the regular season pennant.  The Railroaders and Miners would tie with the same 26-14 record and are also tied with the first tiebreaker with a head-to-head 5-5 record.  However, the second tiebreaker would come into play with the Railroaders taking the title having scored 53 runs against the Bombers who have scored 43 against the Railroaders.

It is possible for the Railroaders to tie with the Miners in second place. Should that occur the Miners would take second having beaten the Railroaders 6-4 head-to-head during the season. The Railroaders magic number to secure the second seed is 2, any combination of 2 Railroader wins and/or Miners losses.

Tight race no doubt and the action at the Yard for tonight and tomorrow will be intense.  If you’re in the area we hope you can make it to both games as the Railroaders dash towards the finish line.  Time to “Fire it Up” and go into the Post Season on a high note.  See you at the Yard or online TeamLine.