Monday, January 12, 2009

Off-Season antics and acquisitions

During the off-season I’ve been working out down in Bermuda, and getting into shape for a possible spot on the 2009 Railroaders roster. After finally finding a dial-up connection to the Internet, I have learned the team roster has already been filled! To top that off, they have also signed a new manager, Ryan Wheat, who looks to do some great things with the Railroaders in the upcoming season. And . . a new pitching coach, Steve Stemle, an ex-major leaguer who played for the Kansas City Royals.

I’ve checked out a few of the guys on the roster and I’m seeing a lot of good talent this year. There’s even a set of twins, that will make it a bit interesting. We have a few returning players too, Tyler Hall, Lee Kimbell, Justin Rodgers, and Cory White. The Kitty League is allowing 24 players per roster this year, up 2 more from pervious years. The Railroaders only have 22, but an email to and from the front office informed me I won’t make the roster again this year. All my bodybuilding work seems a waste, although it has improved my standing with the girls down here.

The League has also expanded to 8 teams! Wow, more baseball action to look forward to, and 27 homes! Two divisions, East & West, with 4 teams each. The ole’ Bulls from Sikeston are back and who’s this road team the Mavericks? I suppose these poor ponies can’t find a place to sleep! I’m sure looking forward to the 2009 season action. Perhaps the Railroaders will give me my old job back, cleaning up under the grandstand. Maybe I get a job as a “bouncer” and keep the unruly Greyhound Fans under control. At least I’ll be in shape for it. Meanwhile, I'll start looking for a ride on a fishing boat heading back to the States, that will take a couple of months. In the meantime I’ve picked up new sport down here that will help keep me in shape. “Gnarly Dude”