Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The train is all done running for the season, yard is vacant,no homerun horns to blow.nothing to do but work,got things to catch up on,but sure miss the crew
Whats every one doing??????

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The 2009 Season comes to an end.

We may not have completed the season the way we wanted, but there was still a lot of great baseball played. All the players, families, fans, and owners got to enjoy some grand action over the last two months. Time to look forward to next season and more Railroaders baseball. I for one would like to thank all the players and owners for their time and effort to bring good baseball to Fulton. Now it’s time for the off-season and the players are off to their college endeavors, good luck in the years to come!

If you’d like to post your comments about the season, this is the place to do it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's next?

We finished the season in 3rd. We also finished with a win. Is this the turnaround we've looked for over the 5 straight losses that preceded it? If so, then we've got a good shot doing something exciting in the playoffs. Last year the Pirates won the season pennant and congrats to them again. In the 2008 post season play, the 3rd place Oilers marched through with 5 straight wins to take the playoff title. And by the way, they won their last regular season game also.

Are we ready to play or just want to go home? I'm ready to hang in there and have to believe the players are too. We've got the talent and whatever happened over the course of 5 losses is behind us. It's gone. There's a clean slate in front of us. The first task is to take care of business and put the Bobcats down. The Greyhounds are waiting on the side lines for the winner. Expect the Hounds to send a couple of Fans over just for good measure, it's in their character. Our Fans will be in the Yard also. Pay no mind to fans who doubt, just show them what you're really made off. Win or lose, I'm proud of all our guys. The league's season has been competitive throughout and the guys hung in there the whole way. Every team went through their own slumps and came out of it. Now is our turn to get the train going again. Fire it up?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Season pennant out of reach, but there's more . .

We were unable to maintain our speed and sprung several leaks in the engine that resulted in the loss of steam pressure. One leak even got Boilerstoker in the face and now he’s nursing a bad burn. There’s no time to lick our wounds though. The second seed in the standings is still available should the Greyhounds fall to the well playing Pirates. Our task is to fix the leaks in the engine and head to Marion on Monday to take on the Bobcats for the final games of the regular season. Then we have the Post Season Playoff series, a chance for us to grab the second title offered by the Kitty League. Let’s pick up our stuff and finish the race strong. We're going to erase the 5 game losing streak with a double win over the Cats. So break out the bubble gum, patch up the holes and fire it up!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Time of Reckoning

Six games left, and 4 over the next three nights at home with the Pirates. They are 2 games back in 3rd and want more. It’s time to play our best ball of the season and take the Bucs to task. Let us not forget the Hounds trailing only 1 game in 2nd, they are going up against the Bulls for 4 games (the Bulls have given the Dogs a hard time this year also). Our destiny is in our own hands now. To be the champs of the regular season, we will have to show that we are over the next few days. There are also 2 games with the Bobcats to make up, but first the Pirates. Let’s give 110% and push the engine over max, and secure the pennant. We can do it, I feel it in my bones. We need all the Fan support to give their all, too. The 2009 Railroader Team Picture. with signatures, went into the “time capsule” this week. Let’s make sure people 50 years from now look at it and say, “Those guys brought Fulton a double title in 2009!” Fire it up, boys!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don’t take the Cats for Granted.

After 43 games completed, we have a slim one game lead over the Hounds. Now it’s time to face off with Bobcats for 3 games in Marion. The Greyhounds must go and fight with the 3rd place Pirates and I’m sure there’s going to be fireworks between those two teams as they play to gain ground over each other and us, before the season closes. As long as we keep our train on the winning track, we need not be concerned. Let us focus on the Cats, they are by no means a sure thing for us. Even though they are currently in last place and they're cuddly and cute, they can scratch deeply. As there is with every team, there is always something to play for. For the Bobcats, they are fighting for 2 things in my humble opinion:

  1. The first thing is to get out of the basement in the standings, which they are nearly about to do. The Cats currently are only a half game behind the Oilers, depending on the results of their Sunday makeup game with the Pirates in Tradewater.

  2. Second, they’d love to be the spoilers for the teams at the top. They just beat the Hounds 2 of 3 in Marion, and with good fan support. And let’s face it; the Hounds are nothing to sneeze at. The Railroaders are going to play in a hostile environment at Marion. So focus and sound baseball playing is called upon to take care of business there.

The Bobcats have been hot since the 1st of July, with a winning record of 8-6. They have improved in every area and won’t go down easily. Let’s be on our toes when we go there. They would just love to knock us out as they did with the Hounds. We have taken them 5 of the 7 games we’ve played thus far. Let’s work hard to take the last 3 as well.

After that, we’re back home with the Pirates. Regardless of the outcome between the Bucs and the Hounds (while we play the Cats), our final battles with Tradewater will determined our fate in the standings. The Post Season Playoffs begin next week, let’s secure the pennant this week, take a couple of days rest, and play to get a second title in 2009. Fire it up, boys!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shifting into high gear

We are in a groove now! Winning the doubleheader in Owensboro and the Hounds falling to the Cats puts us right we want with 9 games left. No letting up now, we need to maintain or even extend our 1 game lead over Union City. The Railroaders face off with the Oilers again for 2 more game on Friday and Saturday nights. Let’s keep the pressure on and finish this race strong. It’s in our control, so let’s control it! Great job on the short road trip. Only 3 more regular season road games to go, with Cats in Marion. We finish off the season at home with the Pirates by next week’s end.

There's still pently of race left. Our pace is good and strong. As long as we focus and continue to play well, we'll do just fine. We need all the Railroader Fans out this weekend and next to cheer the guys on as they head for the finish line!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Moving on to the Final Stretch

Look who’s coming to town on Tuesday! The Bucs will be making their first appearance in the Yard this season. They’ll be here for 2 nights and 2 games. Time to get get dressed and ready for a couple of battles.

After our encounters with the Bulls we remain in second place, one and a half games back behind the Hounds who picked up the half game taking the Oilers 3 of 4 over the weekend. The third place Pirates beat the Oilers on Tuesday and they are two games behind us. So here’s our chance to put some more distance between us on Tuesday and on Wednesday. We’ll need the wins also to keep pace with the Dogs if we’re to have a chance to overtake them. We have 12 games left in the regular season and the Dogs have 11. There’s enough time and play left to get the job done, but we have to be in our top form for now on. The Pirates are the best base running team in the league, but we are second. Let’s be on our toes and play error free baseball and get the bats going. We have the best starting pitching in the league with a 6 game winner and two 5 game winners. Our Team ERA is 2.58, just behind the Dogs at 2.35 and much better than every other team. So let’s get ready for some hard playing over the next 2 weeks and secure a solid position for the playoffs. The pennant is still well within reach!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Give me a break!

You know, sometimes in baseball there are disappointments. Then there are those times when something is not only a disappointment but there’s a gut feeling that something wrong is going on. It seemed that way in the Railroaders’ unfortunate demise on Saturday in Sikeston. The sorely needed light rain was just what VFW Memorial Field needed, and it helped keep the players and fans cooled off. It seems everyone benefited from the moisture for 3 full innings as the ballgame continued to be played. Of course, the ultimate benefactor was the Bulls pitcher, who finally got into trouble in the 8th inning. His hot arm was cooling down, he allowed a hit, walked a batter, hit a third and loaded the bases with nobody out. What would you do?

We know what he choose, and it wasn’t to continue a battle he thought he was about to lose. Call it what you will, but be careful never to do the same. One thing we learned for sure, we know he can’t throw a spitball.

Another thing we learned tonight, we’re never out of a game. The Railroaders did what they had to and were positioned to gain the lead. They did not lose the game at the final score, it was taken from them. And the departure antics by the Railroaders after the game had been called; they delighted the young and old alike, and eased the anger of the injustice served to Fulton.

One more game with the Bulls, let’s finish the job and get ready for the Pirates. The Dogs lost they game, the standing remain the same. Fire up the engine!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heading down the track

We're no better or worse off after splitting the 2 games with the Cats, mainly due to the Hounds dropping one of their 2 games with the Pirates. The Bulls however, beat the Oilers twice and move up a notch past Owensboro. Looks like the Bulls took their 2 losses to us out on the Oilers, and I'll bet they are waiting for us to come back.

Boilerstoker tells me all the problems with the engine are fixed and we’re ready to roll. Look out Sikeston here we come! Three nights in the Bull Fighting Arena then back home for a couple of games with the Pirates. There are 15 games left in the regular season before the playoffs begin. Every victory now really counts towards winning the pennant and first seed in post-season play. The Bulls are a tough group and even though we beat them twice earlier in the week, it doesn’t mean it will be a cakewalk. So let’s get the train moving, use our power, and pick up some speed. The race is on and there’s no holding back now! Our loss on Thursday was only a minor setback. Let's focus and move on. Let's think "Error Free" and "Bats", we can do this. I feel it in my bones.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The crystal ball tells all . . Cats then Bulls

Excellent two game series with the Bulls and a day off. Not a bad way to start the week. We should be ready for the rest of it now. Let's consider what the situation is now.

The Bobcats are stalking into town tonight and Thursday having just beaten the Pirates 2 of 3 and 2 straight wins. Before the Bucs, the Cats whipped up on the Bulls 2 out of 3 and their wins weren’t close either. They may be 12-20 on the season, but they are no push over. We need to be on our best defensive behavior and generate a lot of offense to take these games. We need wins to keep pace with the Hounds who are hot at the moment (I expect the Oilers and Pirates to throw a little water on them over the next few days). So let’s get out the catnip and put these felines in la-la land.

We head back to Bulls' arena on Friday for a 3 game set. We were successful in handing them earlier this week for 2 games, and they’ll want retribution when we return. So there’s lot of work to do in the remainder of this week. At just 1 game back, we are in great position to grab the lead once the Dogs stumble over their paws and fall. Let’s just KEEP OUR TRAIN ON THE TRACK and we’ll be just fine. The steam pressure is up and we’re ready to ROLL!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

No Time to Weep over UC Sweep

We are finally rid of the Greyhounds for the regular season, and should we meet up with them again in the playoffs it will be a whole new game. It is always a little bitter to lose to the dogs, but that’s behind us now. There is no time or reason for us to lick our wounds other than learning from our mistakes. With 19 games left, there is a lot of baseball yet to play and the outcome has not been determined so far. We’re currently in 2nd place and that’s better than 4 other teams in the league.

Next up over the coming week are 5 games with the Bulls in Sikeston and 2 with the Bobcats in Fulton. We are 8-2 combined so far against these two teams, 3-2 on the Bulls and 5-0 with the Cats. Let’s make the most of the next 8 days. We have a great opportunity to harden our position going into the final stretch. Let’s get the train back on the winning track and we’ll do just fine, trust me. I believe in the Railroaders’ ability to overcome the setbacks, and I believe our players’ talent and passion for the game can get us through. Let’s fired it up and roll down the tracks with a full head of stream!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Something that needs to be said

Thursday’s game against the Hounds was a close one, and all in all, a good game. We just didn’t pull it out, but there’s plenty more baseball to play and it’s not over yet.

I must say though, Union City does have a fan that is uglier than I am. He has a bigger mouth, too. He can’t help it, he probably needs attention and can’t get it anywhere else. I actually feel sorry for him, he must really thinks he’s cute.

We also need to question the intelligence of the folks in UC. I believe there were more Railroader fans there than Greyhound fans. Seems simple to me, I’d be ashamed too, if any of our fans were so crude with such obnoxious “bush league” heckling and tactics. The poor guy needs to get a life, and the poor Greyhound fans deserve a better environment to watch their team play baseball. I know that fans sometimes get out of hand, but really, this guy takes the cake when it comes to getting out-of-hand, or should I say out-of-mouth. I’m sure he’s proud of himself though, after all, what else does he have?

Just a couple of more games with Hounds in the regular season, we’ll get through them okay. BTW, it’s not just the Railroaders who have noticed this, just ask some of the other clubs.

Let's get back on our game Railroaders!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Headed for the Dog Pound

The 4 games with the Oilers are over and we took 3 of them. The standings don't change, so our lead is still only 2 games. The Oilers and Greyhounds both in 2nd and chasing us close. We must go now and tame to Dogs over the next 3 nights. Thursday and Saturday are in Union City, and in between on Friday we play them in Fulton. The UC Messenger claims, "Greyhounds find their Groove, and on the Move". . . kind'a catchy don't you think? The Hounds fully intend to put the screws to us and knock us out of 1st. And they believe they are the best team in the Kitty League. I'm not going to waste my time in responding to those type of thoughts. The few loyal fans they have need words of encouragement, so we'll let them have their printed words. After all, they need something to bark about.

I know we have a quality team and they are playing better every game. The Railroaders have been coming from behind, getting more hits when needed, and the defense is looking awesome. And the pitching...well, I don't think there is any better than our crew. It's a downhill run now, guys. No looking back. We can handle the Dogs, so let's spoil their 4th of July weekend and put them in their place . . .Behind Us!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Mid Season Prospectus

UPDATE (July 1, 2009): Another step up in the standings. No time to rest though, we're heading to Owensboro for a doubleheader with the Oilers. We need to keep the pressure up and move ahead more. The Greyhounds are keeping pace with their 2 wins over the Bobcats, but they are off tomorrow. They are in fact tied in 2nd now with the Oilers, just 2 games back. We can pickup another game on the Hounds with a couple of wins in Owensboro. I know it's a tall order, but I'm seeing some really good things out of our guys. I believe they can do it, and even more! On Thursday, we'll go the Union City and face off once more with the Greyhounds. We have 3 games against them this week. For note, the Pirates lost again to the Bulls, and slide to 3rd, just a game ahead of the Bulls who are starting to make a run also. You know what to do Railroaders, so full throttle ahead! It's a downhill run now, only 24 games left in the regular season.

UPDATE (June 30, 2009): It was an exciting and close game last night as the Railroaders take the first game with a bottom of the 9th, come-from-behind win over the Oilers. As advertised, the 2 teams battled back and forth throughout the night, and fans weren't disappointed. Now we're one step ahead of the pack and need to increase this lead again tonight. The Pirates dropped their game with the Bulls and the Greyhounds beat the Bobcats to keep pace.

As we arrive at the halfway point in the 2009 season, the race for the Kitty League championship has gotten very interesting. I've broken out my ole' crystal ball and see good things happening for the Railroaders. They're coming together as a championship team.

There are a couple of things to consider at mid season. First, it’s a tight race. The top 3 teams, Oilers, Railroaders and Pirates, are all within a half game of each other. The Greyhounds are not far behind only 2 games back. The Bulls remain within striking distance and the Bobcats are certainly not out of it yet. The downhill journey for the second half of 50 games will be something to see.

The second thing making this point in time fascinating, is the schedule. With 2 PPD games from June rescheduled this Wedesday, the Railroaders find themselves going head-to-head with the co-leading Oilers for 4 straight games. The first 2 games are in Fulton on Monday and Tuesday, with a doubleheader makeup in Owensboro on Wednesday. The pressure doesn’t let up on Thursday either with 3 nights against the Greyhounds, with Friday being played in Fulton.

The Pirates? Well, they have a couple of games with the Bulls this week, and then we’ll hand off the Oilers to them on Thursday for a 3 game set. The Bucs also have a couple of PPD games to get scheduled in July.

The Cats are headed for Union City to scratch away at the Hounds for 2 games, and then they’ll have to work on the Bulls for 3. Marion also has several games to reschedule.

So it’s plain to see, this week is going to be a busy and important one in shaping the standings in July. This past week has seen an even positioning of teams, but that will change for several over the next few days. I like the Railroaders match-ups and the Dogs don’t scare me a bit! Let’s fire it up Railroaders!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

We’ve taken the first battle!

Marlene, Boilerstoker and I are reporting that it was a close battle our first night of fighting in Tradewater. We were successful though and scrapped by with a one to nothing victory over the Pirates. Marlene kept the Pirates occupied with her sexy smile, while Boilerstoker turned up the heat and stream to make it uncomfortable. With the Railroaders doing the rest of the fighting, all I had to do was chow down on the Bucs’ supplies and break wind for our sails to propel us home.

We’ve overtaken the Buc in the standing now, and with 2 more nights of the same results we’ll have more ground to stand on. Let’s keep the pressure on! My spy sources tell me the Oilers aren’t fairing well in Marion, so look out, here we go!

UPDATE: Well, the battles fought in Marion and Sikeston were a bit different from ours. Apparently the Dogs and Cats had bigger cannons than the Bulls and Oilers. With Owensboro dropping their game, we now hold an even position with them in the standings. Holding the high ground can be tough, we're a marked band of brothers now. No time to rest, let's get back in there and give no quarter!

The Bucs take the second battle. UPDATE (Saturday, June 27): Darn that double cannon shot in the 8th. Another close one but the Bucs fought their way back and beat us. We did a fine job in the 9th to get back 1 of the runs, but we'll have to do better tomorrow night. Let's just ignore the clammering of the Pirates and get the best of 3 over these guys.

Railroaders win the 3rd battle. UPDATE (Sunday, June 28): The Bucs had a false sense of security with an early volley, but the scrapping Railroaders fought back and pounded out a 9-4 win. We did it, the best of 3 in our last trip to Tradewater. The next time we see them, it will be on our ground.

Now it's time to face off with the Oilers, tied with us at the top. We need everyone out at the Yard on Monday and Tuesday to support the Railroaders as they go for control in the standings.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poor driving will get you every time.

Well it wasn’t pretty for the Hounds tonight, but they didn’t run into our train. Instead, they ran off into a ditch, smashed up their front and couldn’t pull the bus out in 9 innings to overtake us. We’ll take it! The Railroaders had me a bit concerned with an error on the very first play of the game. But they buckled down and finally got the defense working to help Tyler Farley hold the dogs to 2 runs. We were fortunate the bus, which was clearly aimed at us, didn’t plow us under and went off the road instead. We’ll see the Greyhounds 3 more times before the season is over, so they’ll have some time to fix it.

Now we’re off to Tradewater for 3 games. The Pirates loss tonight and slip back to 2nd place with us a ½ game behind in 3rd. The Oilers victory over the Pirates put them back into 1st, just one game ahead of us. So let’s gets some wins over Tradewater, because the Oilers are headed to Fulton on Monday and Tuesday for 2 games. It’s time to MOVE guys! Mid-season is approaching and it’s our chance to take control.

Run over by a Bus!

Did anyone get the number of the bus that ran the Railroaders and me down last night? I'm sure none of us excepted such a smashing loss to the dogs last night, but it happened none the less. I believe the game was even uglier than me! Well, we've just got to get back up off the blacktop and go again tonight. New day, new ballgame. The standings don't chance much, we're still in 3rd, a game and a half behind the now league leading Pirates who beat the Oilers on Wednesday night. The Dogs move up a little and are biting at our heels again. So let's fire up the engine and get back on the track. I know this bus can't survive a collision with a train.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rain on Our Parade, will you!

Another night, another road trip to Owensboro, and still we couldn't get a break from the rain and lightning. You think the Oilers had it planned that way? Meanwhile, the rest of the league got to play their 2 game series with interesting results. With both the Cats and Dogs, and the Bucs and Bulls split their series causing the League standings to stay the same. In fact, the top 3 teams are in the same position they were before the weather fouled things up on Sunday. The Railroaders remain in 3rd place just 1 game behind the leading Oilers with the Bucs wedged between us by a half a game. Oh, what could have been had we'd been allowed to play the Oilers in the 3 games, now postponed.

Well onward and upward I always say. We face the Hounds now beginning on Wednesday, at home in the Yard. While the the Bulls go off to Marion for a couple with the Bobcats, the 2nd place Bucs head to rainy Owensboro for 2 games. I wonder what kind of weather the Oilers have planned to maintain their position. Not a problem for us though. Let's get pumped back up and take these 2 games with the Greyhounds. Wins will ensure that we move up in the standings and really put the pressure on the remaining leader.

So Boilerstoker and I are headed by to the yard for Wednesday's outing. We did decided to leave our rain gear for Bucs fans to use, and as a reminder to the Oilers "We'll be Back!"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a Win!

You just can’t ask for more excitement than last night’s game against the Bobcats. All the drama of baseball you can imagine was present in the come-from-behind, extra innings game. In the first 2 games on the series, we pretty much had the Cats pinned up, but last night they got out and took over our early lead. Even after tying them up again, twice, they jumped back out each time and it looked to be a late night with extra innings. Finally, in the bottom of the 11th, Zach Getsee, who hadn’t had a hit all night, put an end to the chase with a base clearing double and bases loaded, scoring 3 RBIs while we were trailing by 2, and gave us a 1 run victory and 3 game sweep of the Bobcats. The crowd went wild . . . I thought the bleachers and grandstand were going to come apart.

With our win and the Pirates falling to the Greyhounds, the race tightens between the top 3 clubs with only 1 game separating the teams. The Oilers won their 3rd straight over the Bulls and move into 1st. The Pirates are a half game back in 2nd and the Railroaders in the mix one game out in 3rd place.

Now that we are fired up and the engine has a full head of steam, the Railroaders are headed to Owensboro to take on the 1st place Oilers who have won 5 straight. There’s one game on Sunday and a doubleheader on Monday. Head to head with the league leader, this is our chance to move forward again in the standings. The Pirates, who dropped 2 or their 3 games with the Greyhounds, will be going up against the Bulls who lost all 3 games they just completed with the Oilers.

As we approach the mid season point this coming week, we have a great opportunity to gain control of the race. The Greyhounds will be coming to town on Wednesday and Thursday for 2 games in our house. It’s time for us to make a statement!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A New Career in Progress

Just like the Railroaders, I’m improving myself to become more than I am. With some hard work and clean-up, I’m working hard to apply myself towards developing skills to become an online broadcaster for the Railroaders on TeamLine. I’m told that if I can cut the mustard, then I’ll get the job because our fans will only be able to hear and not see me. At any rate, until I prove myself worthy, John and Brad will fill in to bring you play by play action over the net.

We’re through 2 games of the 3 with the Bobcats now and going for a sweep over them in Saturday evening’s game. Our league standing has improved and at the moment it is a close race between the top three teams. Only 1 ½ games separate the Pirates, Oilers, and Roaders through the first three weeks of the season. All 3 of the top teams claimed a victory on Friday. Tonight the Railroaders finish off with the Bobcats and need the win to keep pace the Pirates and Oilers assuming they take their games tonight also.

The Bobcats are struggling, but we can’t count them out. The moment we relax and let our guard down, they’ll bounce on us and shred us apart. We just can’t let that happen! Our first 2 games we’ve managed to hold the Cats scoreless, so you know they are getting hungry and want to spoil our feast with a loss. Let’s play hard and get that 3rd straight win. We hit the road after tonight for 3 games with the Oilers in Owensboro, which includes a doubleheader on Monday. With the Oilers in 2nd, these games will be crucial in improving our overall position in the league standings. So Fans and Players alike, let get this engine fired up and roll’in!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good time to make a move.

I'm going to try and make the correct call, but I'll need help from the Railroaders to get it done.

With the Bobcats in town for 3 nights, we find ourselves in a great position to shake up the league standings. We're 4th and 2 1/2 games behind the league leading Pirates who lost on Thursday to the Oilers. The Bucs will be taking on the Hounds for three games, so we needs wins to kept pace, maybe even gain a little should the dogs bite them a time or two for us. And let us not forget if the dogs are winning, we have to win to keep them where they're at, a game behind us in 5th.

Now the 2nd place Oilers and the 3rd place Bulls are also going at it over the next 3 nights. As they duke it out, we should at least be able to slide right past one them and gain ground in the standings.

We've got to deal with the Cats, first. Their loss to the Bulls on Thursday must have a left bitter taste in their mouth, having lead the game to only lose on a grand slam homer by Sikeston. So, we can't take these felines lightly, I'm sure they will be scrapping for a win and for revenge on the 2 losses we handed them in their house. Let's shake off the 1 loss to the Hounds last night, it's behind us, and focus on the Bobcats.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to the Dog Pound

With all the rain lately, seems we'd never get back to playing baseball. However, today we begin to catch up by going over to Union City and playing 2 games with the Greyhounds. We're 0-3 thus far against them in 2009. Time to change that and gain some ground in the standings over either the Pirates or Oilers as they battle it out in Tradewater, also playing doubleheader.

It's plain to see how the dogs spent their rainy day time off, partying and without a care about their upcoming games with the Railroaders. Okay. this losing thing with the Greyhounds needs to stop, and stop tonight! Do you realize that the 3 wins the dogs have over us account for half their 6 total wins this season so far. This time let's play some good solid baseball and put these mutts away for a change. We've had two unexpected days off due to rain. We should be well rested and recoveried from the 17 inning marathon game in Owensboro last Saturday. Let's FOCUS on the game and play like the great team we are and sweep Union City. Are you really going to let them have their way with us? I say NO!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Railroader Tim Dunn taken by Reds.

The 2009 Railroaders congratulate their current team member Tim Dunn for his selection in the MLB draft. The Cincinnati Reds picked the right-hander Dunn, the TranSouth Player of the Year, in the 46th round. Dunn was 12-0 with a 1.81 earned run average and earned NAIA All-America honors as a Trevecca Nazarene junior this spring. Tim’s current record with the 2009 Railroaders is 2-1 with a win against the Sikeston Bulls on Thursday, the day of his MLB selection. Fulton and the Railroader Fans express their utmost best for Tim and his accomplishments

Time to Burn some Oil

What a game it was last! I was proud to see so many Railroader Fans stick around after the rain delay to watch the guys come back and win over the Bulls. Despite falling behind again early in game, the Railroaders kept after them and it paid off with a big 8th inning scoring spree. Don’t ever give up, that’s what I like about baseball.

I got up early this morning and headed to the oil field to check out Owensboro for the game tonight. The Oilers come into town with a 6-5 record, just a half game lead ahead of us in 2nd place. We’ve got 3 games with them this weekend, one in Fulton tonight and 2 in Owensboro Saturday and Sunday. The Oilers have won 1 game in their last 5 games, losing 2 straight to the Bulls and Pirates before beating the Greyhounds on Wednesday. The Oilers appear on paper to be very much like our Railroaders as far as stats, an even match up for the Railroaders. It’s our first meeting with the club this year, and it’s important we make our present known. It will be a great time for us to gain some ground in the standings with some wins over Owensboro. So let’s go Fans, and help get the Railroaders off on the right foot tonight in Fulton before they head to Oiler land for completion of their 3 game series.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holy Cow. . .someone call the clowns!

I’m not sure what happened last night. After I woke up, in my hospital bed, I was told a Bull trampled me and the resulting concussion has made my memory of the event a little sketchy. I do remember the pain of our loss at the hands of Sikeston. Whatever went wrong, it surely showed in some our playing. But I’ve been told I need to get back up on the beast and try again. After all, they’re just another ball team and can be controlled. We just need to do a better job of going after them and keeping the pressure on. Sure we may get thrown a couple of times during a game, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get back up and go again. Tonight is another chance for us to prove ourselves and come back with a win. Sure, the fall was ugly, but so am I. It never stopped me from getting the girls. So let’s get out there and break these Bulls before they run out of town!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

That’s more like it, now bring on the Bulls!

Two straight road wins, that’s what I’m talking about. Now that we put the Cats out, let’s remember that the next time we face the Dogs! So it’s time to come home and fight the Bulls for 2 games starting Wednesday and then the Oilers on Friday night. I've been showing coaches Davis and Allen a few of the finer points on Bull riding, I do have some experience you know.

The Bulls are hot of late having won 5 of 6 games since they left our Yard 10 days ago. We opened up the season at home with a loss against the Bulls then took them down the next 2 games. Since then, they’ve beat the Greyhounds 2 times, the Bobcats 1 of 2, and the Oilers twice. Now what’s wrong with that picture?

Our wins against the Bobcats pulled us out of a quagmire of 4 straight losses that included a 3 game sweep by the Dogs. We’ll take no more of that! It’s obvious that the Bulls are looking to tack more on to a 2 game winning streak at the expense of the Railroaders. Especially since they loss their last 2 games against us, including that 22-8 shellacking in the second game, which I’m sure, they won’t soon forget. The Cats are one thing, the Bulls another and we need to be ready for every and anything. Let’s don’t rest on our laurels of past victories. Time to focus and continue with our momentum. We’re only 2 games behind the leading Pirates, tied with the Oilers, and a game and a half behind the 2nd place Bulls. Time to make a move!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Enough Already!!!

Did anyone at the Yard last night see or hear that Greyhound beating me with a baseball bat? I needed help and no one came to my rescue. Looks like the Railroaders had the same problem, no one stepped up and took dogs by the collar to put them in their place. What’s going on, guys? Three straight losses to the Greyhounds? Please, no, I can’t stomach the pain. I’ve told Marlene to go back to the circus. Apparently the Hounds were too attracted to her and really out-performed themselves to impress her. After all, she is good with four-legged creatures.

Now back to the Railroaders. What happened to our enthusiasm and zeal for the game? Everyone has a bad game, but really, I can’t believe our guys have given up. Well, the Bobcats are next, and my face can’t take much more scratching up or my good looks will be gone forever. We have 2 games with the Felines to turn things around and come back to face the Bulls for a couple of nights beginning on Wednesday. Then the Oilers in town on Friday. There’s a lot of work ahead to get done, and it’s time we get up and get moving! The Fans are behind you, Railroaders, now go play some ball!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Their Bark Is Worse Than Their Bite

We have no excuse for getting beat by the Hounds last night. There is nothing special about them other than their fans, especially the loud barking mongrel. You can bet they’ll bring all the mutts with them tonight when they come to the Yard for a doubleheader. So let’s get with it Railroaders and Fans, and take these next 2 games from them.

I’ve asked my sister, Marlene, how we can handle these Greyhounds. She has been working as a dog training in the Barnum & Bailey Circus since the end of last season, and has learned how to tame and control every breed of canine. She says first and foremost, we must let them know who’s the master. That starts with controlling their base running and hitting. Second, we must hit the ball in places they aren’t, so they’ll have to chase it. When they don’t catch it, reward them with a treat, a pat on the head and another run on the board for us. Seems simple to me. All we really need to accomplish this is to play good solid and focused baseball. We need timely hits when it counts. The Railroaders have shown they have the right stuff, now it’s time to put it to use and get this train rolling again. The season’s still early, let’s put away these dogs and move on the cats. The Bulls are returning next week too, and they have been hot of late. Then the Oilers come in and they are proving they're a team to beat. So don’t let these puppies run all over us, they are not the team our Railroaders are and it’s time to prove it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dog Trainning Refresher Course

Well, both the Pirates and the Railroaders chased me back into river on Tuesday after the game. It took me 2 days to swim down stream all the way back to Fulton because my raft was mistakenly hauled away as Winter Storm 2009 debris. Seems that neither the Railroaders nor I could get a break in that second battle.

Now it’s time to consider the Greyhounds for the first time this season. Thursday’s game is rained out, so we go to Union City on Friday night to take them on in their season home opener. It would be nice to chalk up another win at their expense. They’ve struggled the first 5 games winning only the first game against the league leading Oilers. We're sure to see their best pitcher in our game. I’m sure they are going to play and run hard on Friday and try to correct their poor start. They’ve also added a few new dogs to the roster. Doesn’t matter though, it will still be the first time the 2009 Railroaders will see them, the a first time for them to see us!!! I have good feeling about the next few days. After Friday’s game, the Hounds will come over to the “Yard” for a doubleheader on Saturday beginning at 5 pm. For sure, those dog loving fans will be here, so we need all hands to come out and cheer our Railroaders on, both in Union City and in Fulton. It’s going to be a great series, as it always is. You don’t want to miss it!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hitting the beach at Tradewater

I finally arrived in Tradewater this morning only to find out the Railroaders fought a tough battle last night and won without me. They didn’t bother to wait for me! But I’m here now and ready to infiltrate the Pirates camp before tonight’s final assault on Riverside Park. From what I hear, last evening the fight was to the very end and the Railroaders came out on top. I’ve also seen where all our guys got their bellies full after the game eating up all the Pirates chow. Well I’m hear to tell you, the bucs are planning something for us tonight, not sure what, but they aren’t happy. I’ve been informed by carrier pidgeon that Nick Holmes will lead the charge for the Railroaders and the rest of our crew have a few surprises too. I’ll be here tonight to be a part of all the action. I’ll just have to ditch this disguise before game time or get pounded by the Railroaders myself. We need to get out of here with another win, then jump on my raft and head down stream for a smooth ride home.

Monday, June 1, 2009

From Bulls to Pirates

Sunday’s game was a good second win for us, but had its scary moments in the last third of the game. The guys came through and finally put the Bulls away and sent them packing back to Sikeston to work over the Greyhounds, . . who, by the way, won their first game on Sunday. Good luck Bulls, hope you’re able to toss those hounds about. I’ll say one thing, the Bulls don’t want to quit. And it seems the Railroaders have that same character. After only 3 games, I can see the team really “gellin” now. Some of what manager Terry Davis is doing was puzzling to me at first, but I think I can begin to see a pattern in his maddness. I was glad to see more aggressive base running last night. It seems the team is adding a new phase of the game each night. They keep this up and we’re looking for some good things to happen this season.

For the time being, I’ve headed northeast to Tradewater to see some more for myself. I know its Pirates territory and need to be careful, they can be pretty rough. So I’ve broken out my disguise (once used to spy on them) and will attempt to sneak inside Riverside Park where their base camp lies. So far I’ve not been detected. I’m sure the Railroaders train will be arriving shortly and the guys will be here to back up if caught. The Pirates are 2-1 as we are. Owensboro hold the same record. It’s time to separate the pack and pull the train ahead some. “Two roads wins and home again!” that’s what I say. Then take Wednesday off and do some dog training starting on Thursday. Well, I'm off to paddle upriver to Tradewater, hope I'm going the right way.

More to follow……….

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Lamb Basting of the Bulls

WOW! I thought last night's game would never end. The Railroaders really took it to the Bulls in a very one sided game. Although the Bulls never quit swinging and did get a Grand Slam out of the deal. But the Railroaders were just too much the handle. What a hit fest and base running demonstration it was! And Tim Dunn's pitching was something to behold, made my face hurt everytime Big John behind the plate caught one of his pitches. Only one thing seem to be missing in the show, and that was a lack of any stolen bases. In fact we don't have one yet in the first 2 games. Of course the season is early and there's lot of baseball yet to be played. I can hardly wait for tonight's game. Let's all get out to the Yard tonight and help the Railroaders take the rubber game of the 3 game series against the Bulls.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time to Round-Up Them Bulls

Looks like I'll have to step in and give few Bulls fighting lessons. In last night's game, it seems we just couldn't get it together early enough to make a difference. We did look more like a team by the end of night, but just couldn't pull it out. Those Bulls sure came out of gate quick, scoring 3 runs in 3 innings and tacking on another 3 in the 6th. But our guys did not quit though, and fought back to keep it from being a blow out. However the errors were just too much for us to over come. Let's buckle down and get with it! There were several great fielding plays especially Tyler Monkman's line drive catch in right field and then turning to throw out a tagged runner from 2nd base to 3rd, WOW! There were 2 throw-outs at home plate as well. There was no Bull able to knock down our catcher Jon Riddle weighing in at 230 lbs. There's no point to go over our mistakes other than to learn from them. Let's build on what we did correct and move on. The ice is broken, and we'll be better prepare for tonights game. If the Bulls breakout of their pen again, I may just have to get out on field and take care of them myself. I have the experience, you know.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roster Adjustments

I see the Railroaders have had to make several adjustments to the roster. Several players have been hurt in post-season collegiate games, while a few others have various claims of woe that keep them from playing. However, the Railroaders front office has been on the phone and filling the spots quickly. I hear that they are looking for a catcher or 2. Well, I’m standing by my phone ready to answer the call. I did a little catching in my college days, and was the only left-handed catcher every to play for the Banana Slugs from Monkey’s Paw University. Batters had a hard time with me behind the plate.

Let’s get back to the team and opening night. I’ve been watching the 2009 Railroaders getting their act together from under the grandstand. These guys are looking tough, as well as the new manager and coaches. You’d think they’d pay me to be on the team. The pitching staff looks really strong, and there are some award-winning fielders too.

Tomorrow is the big night, I wonder who will get the start. I can hardly wait for the action to begin. The Sikeston Bulls will be coming to town for some BBQ smokin’ time. I remember them from 2007, and these old cows can be tough to cook. I’ll have to get Boilerstoker up early to help make the fire nice and hot for Bulls. Sure hope to see everyone out at the Yard tomorrow night. It’s going to be a great weekend for baseball, all 3 nights. The weather will be good also, and the food smells just wonderful. See you there!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Feel the rumble...The train is near

Dude,Hoghead i thought you would never get back from that vacation, I have been laying low,and getting ready for another great Railroader season,lots to do as the crew will be here next week!!! I have been tring to get us an Obama Stimulus package so we could get a great set of seats,but I guess we will remain under the bleachers,get better food there so not all bad.Fans make your plans to be in the Yard Friday May 29 for opening ceremony and a date with the KIT league returning Sikeston Bulls for a 3 game weekend series! See ya there!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dazed & Confused

I just got back from my off-season down in Bermuda where I managed to drop my laptop in the ocean while surfing both the web and waves at the same time. Without Internet access and less than 3 weeks to go before the season begins, I was anxious to catch up on the Railroader happenings. At first I thought I’d gone through a space-time wrap or something, and missed the entire 2009 season. It was like the Twilight Zone in Bermuda with all the girls and action there, but surely I hadn’t been there over a year! Last I’d checked, there were 8 teams in the League and Railroaders’ staff was established.

Now, the League is back to 6 teams with a new schedule, and the Railroaders have a new, different manager and coach. I guess I missed another chance for a manager position after being out of touch. This new manager, Terry Davis, looks tuff too! I suppose he won’t need me on the roster to keep the team in-line. The new coach, Derrick Shuler, knocks me out for a coaching position also. Other changes are the addition of more Teamline broadcasters, scoreboard operators and scorekeepers. Well, I’m sure Front Office will let me kept my position cleaning up the grandstand. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

The 2009 Railroader Roster is looking pretty good. There are 23 of the 24 spots filled. Ummmm, I wonder…would they consider my talents to complete the team? I see there are 13 pitchers available to throw, 10 right-handers and 3 Lefties. Well, I am a Leftie myself, so maybe I could help in that area. I like the size of these guys also. These team looks good to capture another title for the Railroaders in ’09. It won’t be long now before the Yard is full of the sounds and smells of baseball in Fulton. The ground crews are working hard and new upgrades are installed. Even the Little Monster has received a facelift. It’s good to back in town and I’m ready for some baseball!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Off-Season antics and acquisitions

During the off-season I’ve been working out down in Bermuda, and getting into shape for a possible spot on the 2009 Railroaders roster. After finally finding a dial-up connection to the Internet, I have learned the team roster has already been filled! To top that off, they have also signed a new manager, Ryan Wheat, who looks to do some great things with the Railroaders in the upcoming season. And . . a new pitching coach, Steve Stemle, an ex-major leaguer who played for the Kansas City Royals.

I’ve checked out a few of the guys on the roster and I’m seeing a lot of good talent this year. There’s even a set of twins, that will make it a bit interesting. We have a few returning players too, Tyler Hall, Lee Kimbell, Justin Rodgers, and Cory White. The Kitty League is allowing 24 players per roster this year, up 2 more from pervious years. The Railroaders only have 22, but an email to and from the front office informed me I won’t make the roster again this year. All my bodybuilding work seems a waste, although it has improved my standing with the girls down here.

The League has also expanded to 8 teams! Wow, more baseball action to look forward to, and 27 homes! Two divisions, East & West, with 4 teams each. The ole’ Bulls from Sikeston are back and who’s this road team the Mavericks? I suppose these poor ponies can’t find a place to sleep! I’m sure looking forward to the 2009 season action. Perhaps the Railroaders will give me my old job back, cleaning up under the grandstand. Maybe I get a job as a “bouncer” and keep the unruly Greyhound Fans under control. At least I’ll be in shape for it. Meanwhile, I'll start looking for a ride on a fishing boat heading back to the States, that will take a couple of months. In the meantime I’ve picked up new sport down here that will help keep me in shape. “Gnarly Dude”