Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Railroaders Win Post Season Playoffs - Final Season Remarks

Well the Railroaders finish off the 2013 season bringing the Post Season Championship home to Fulton. What better way to end it. The Boys of summer really came through! Up against the wall, down in the series 0-1, then go to Hoptown for back to back wins to take away the Playoff Championship.

To complete the season the Railroaders were 4-1 in post season, 27-17 regular season (17-5 at home and 10-12 away). The best home record since 2010 when Fulton was 21-5 at home.  We saw more homeruns this year than ever with the Railroaders hitting 41, half the total OVL homeruns for the season.

I could go on, but I'll leave that to rest of you to make your comments and observations here. In closing out the season here, I'd like to thank not only the players, coaches and owners for a great year of baseball, but also to all the parents, relatives and fans who listened and commented on Hoghead.  You certainly have added to the excitement of the season. Hope to see many of you next year.

Monday, July 29, 2013

A repeat of Last Year???

The hunt for the OVL Playoff Championship title begins tonight at the Yard.  Just like in the 2012 season the same first and second seeded team, Hoppers and Railroaders, will battle again for bragging rights in the off season. Déjà vu, anyone?

If Railroaders are to take the best of 3 series, they will have to win the final game on the road in Hopkinsville. Tonight though, game one is in the Yard and the Railroaders can help the effort winning at home.  Fulton won the first game at home last year, but dropped the next two in Hoptown.  Time for a change?  Will history repeat itself?

On paper the two teams are appear evenly matched in both season and head-to-head stats.  The only major differences are; the Hoppers steal twice as many bases and the Railroaders have 5 times the number of homeruns on the season.  The Hoppers are 5-4 over the Railroaders in the season series. Reviewing the head-to-head contests; the Hoppers tend to win the close games and the Railroaders have mostly taken games with larger leads.  We'll need all the bats tonight.  One thing is sure, you can't turn your back on the Hoppers only ahead by a couple of runs.  If you do...they'll jumped right over you at the last moment and cross the finish line first.

Both teams play well against each other and the final post season games promise to be exciting ones. The final Home game in Fulton on the year will be tonight, so everyone come on out to support and cheer on the Railroaders. I'm sure the Hoppers will bring plenty of fans with them. This time let's change the outcome and take the championship round.  Fire it UP!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Cats Are Back

Few people have thought the Bobcats would still be around this far into the Post Season Playoffs, but they are.  They played a great game against the Pirates in Round One to win and go into the Second Round to face the Railroaders. Although the Cats fell hard in Game One last night against the Railroaders, they are still a threat to contend with. They say "a wounded animal is more dangerous" and I believe the Bobcats are just that. The Railroaders shouldn't turn their backs on these guys or they could get mauled.

Fulton was 8-1 against Marion in the regular season.  The Bobcats' team pitching ERA was 6.25 and their pitching staff has suffered greatly with injuries. The weak pitching corp should be an advantage for the power of Railroaders' bats tonight.  But make no mistakes, the Bobcats will not go lightly in the good night. They play for pride now and that is a powerful factor too.

It should be great game tonight at the Yard.  If you're in the area, come on out and watch the action.  Not in the area? We'll be on TeamLine with a webcast of all the plays.  Hope to see you at the Yard or online. Let's Fire it UP again for a win!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Questions on Standings & Weather

The rain has idled the Railroaders for the last 2 days. Although today begins with light showers in the area, the current rain is sliding south and the Yard should be ready for a 5 pm doubleheader start with the Bobcats.  The threat of storms remains in the forecast and we can only hope it continues to move south and the clouds clear for some much needed sun.

The Railroaders are in much need of a win.  The 2nd seed is still undecided with 4 games yet unplayed. One win or one Pirate loss will grantee a tie for second between the two teams.  The Railroaders with would take the tie breaker with a better record against the Pirates in head-to-head play, and Fulton would secure the 2nd seed for Post Season Playoffs.

The Oilers and Bombers aren't through yet either.  In 5th place and only 1 1/2 games in behind the Bombers, The Oilers have 3 games to move up on and overtake Dubois County who have only 2 game remaining. I'm sure the Oilers will be fighting to improve their standing and finish on a positive note.

Over the last two days the weather has prevented 3 games from being played.  The Playoffs are scheduled to begin on Thursday.  What will happen?  Will the standings firm up enough to get started on time with post season play?  How and when will the rained out games be played if needed? Will the weather continue to muddy the picture?  Lots of questions yet to be answered, but we'll know soon.

I think we'll get in a game or two tonight at the Yard with the Bobcats.  Let's just get the win and secure our place for the Playoffs!  Fire it UP!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Focus to secure 2nd place.

With six games to go, the Railroaders remain in 2nd place five games behind the Hoppers.  Taking first seed in the Playoffs should no longer be a concern for Fulton.  Not impossible, but highly improbable at this juncture of the season.  The focus now is "just win, baby" to secure the second seed.  The Railroaders are only 2 1/2 games ahead of the Pirates who have just 5 games remaining.

The Railroaders are looking at the 2 more games with the Bobcats and 1 game each with the Hoppers, Pirates, Oilers and Bombers (who are at the Yard tonight).  The win against the Pirates last night gives the Railroaders a 5-3 season series lead and a tie breaker in the standings (if it comes to that) with 1 game to go. All that boils down to any combination of 3 Railroader wins or 3 Pirate losses, the magic number to secure the 2nd Playoff seed.

The five games remaining for the Pirates consist of 1 games each of the other OVL teams.  Tonight they face the Hoppers in Hoptown.  The Bucs end the regular season at home next Wednesday with the Railroaders. As for the 1st place Hoppers, I doubt they will lose hold of their standing.  The Railroaders will at least get a chance tomorrow to gain a game on them in Hopkinsville. It is likely we'll see them again in post season play. It's shaping up and appearing to look just like last year's finish, but the final outcome has yet to be seen.

All well and good, but for the moment the focus should be on the next game ahead.  Tonight is the 4th place Bombers at the Yard who are in a battle with the Oilers for a 4th place seed.  The Bombers added a couple of new guys (pitchers I think) before the cutoff on Monday.  They have won 2 straight games and are feeling pretty good about themselves.  However, the Railroaders have the bats and pitching is overall stronger. It is a good time to get a win tonight and 1 of the 3 games needed.  If the Hoppers beat the Pirates tonight, and I think they will, we could pick up 2 of the three needed. Boilerstoker and I will be calling the game tonight so Fire it UP!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Getting serious with the Pirates tonight

The Railroaders have only 8 games left in the regular season, three of those are against the Tradewater Pirates of Madisonville.  The 3rd place Pirates will appear tonight at the Yard, only 2 1/2 games behind our 2nd place Railroaders.  Needless to say this game is important for both teams.  Tradewater has only 7 games left before the playoffs and desire our spot going into post season play.  The Railroaders currently lead the season series with the Pirates at 4-2, so a win tonight for Fulton would secure a tie breaker in the standings.

The Pirates swept the Bombers last night in Madisonville.  They'll be riding high coming into the Yard with hopes of getting revenge for their loss to the Railroaders only two days ago.  After tonight's game, the final 2 games between the two teams will be played in Madisonville.  Its important for the Railroaders to ensure Fulton has the edge in the standings with a big win tonight.

In regards to the 1st place Hoppers . . . they are playing well and riding a 6 game winning streak, their last loss at the hands of the Railroaders.  The Hoptown, ahead by 4 games over Fulton, appears unbeatable and unreachable at this point.  They will need to drop 4 of their final 8 games, not likely as 4 of those games are with the struggling Bobcats.  Assuming a Hoptown sweep of Marion, it would be up to the Railroaders, Pirates, Bombers and Oilers to each beat the Hoppers in order for Fulton to take 1st seed   The Railroaders would have the tie breaker in this case with a 5-4 season record over the Hoppers.

For now the Railroaders must work on securing 2nd seed for post season playoffs.  Taking out the Pirates at the Yard tonight is the first task at hand.  We have won 4 straight, let's keep it going.  Fire It Up, Boys!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Railroaders resume with Pirates tonight

Man the cannons, Pirates sailing our way
We missed out on baseball with the Bobcats last night because the rain.  That game has been rescheduled for next Monday, July 22. That now means 10 games in 10 days to close out the regular season.  Only Fulton and Marion were unable to get their game in.  First place Hoppers and third place Pirates both won their games last evening against the Oilers and Bombers.  The Railroaders are now wedged in second place between the Hoppers (4 games ahead) and the Pirates (2 games behind).  Both team also have 10 games remaining with each having a doubleheader to play tomorrow.

Tonight though, the Railroaders must face off with the Pirates at the Yard.  This game a make-up from the rain out on July 6.  The Railroaders have 4 of their remaining 10 games against the Pirates.  No need to say how important every one of them is, starting with tonight's contest.  The Pirates have won 3 straight and indeed to make it 4 tonight.  One of them boasted last time before the game was called, that the Buc had a surprise for us and predicted a 6-3 win for Madisonville.  Was the surprise the rain?  The game stopped with a 3-1 Railroader lead, I guess they's planned to score 5 more big ones on us.

We shall see tonight how it turns out.  Both teams have met 5 times this year with the Railroaders 3-2 against the Pirates, and both have a lot to play for.  The Railroaders would still like to de-throne the Hoppers but need to remain in second to even have a chance.  The Pirates wouldn't mind taking out the Hoppers too, but they have to get past the Railroaders to do it.   One thing for sure, it's going to be a heck of the game tonight at Yard, hope you can get out to see it and support the Railroaders!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Down to the Final Stretch



Ten games to go to complete the regular season.  The Railroaders have four games left with the Pirates, one each with the Hoppers, Bombers, and Oilers, and three with the Bobcats.  The two main questions to answer are:  1) Can the Railroaders keep their current pace in the race?  2) Will the Hoppers stumble enough to be overtaken?

If the Hoppers trip up, the Railroaders need to be right there ready to gain ground.  No ifs, buts about it. We are getting down the wire and very little room to slip up.

The first of the three games with the Bobcats is tonight at the Yard in Fulton.  While the Cats may be struggling, a wounded animal can be more dangerous. By no means should we take the Bobcats for granted. There is still fight in Marion and the Railroaders will go on Tuesday to Marion for another game.  On Monday, the game will be with the Pirates as the Yard.

The Railroaders should be on their toes and continue to play at their best tonight, and throughout the next 11 days to close out the season.  With only 10 games to go, every one counts.  Fire it up and keep it on the track!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Oilers sliding into Fulton for a game

The Railroaders lost their pace with the Hoppers last night and fell back to 3 1/2 games out of first place. The Oilers, in 3rd place, kept pace with the Hoppers and are now only 1 1/2 games behind the Railroaders. Pretty easy to figure what they have in mind tonight in Fulton and tomorrow in Owensboro.  The question now is what is in the minds of the Railroaders?

A heartbreak of a loss like last night can hang heavy and it can happen to any team.  But I believe the Railroaders can put it behind them and get the train back on track, and keep it there!  Since the 6 game winning streak, 5 games have been played with the Railroaders losing every other game (3 total).  Its like the engine is misfiring or there are leaks somewhere. Time to patch any leaks so all the power can be used to win the games.  There's certainly not doubt in my mind about the talent the Railroaders have to get the job done.

Six times this season the Railroaders and Oilers have met.  Each team has won three of the six.  We have to regain our pace tonight and not lose any further ground, or the Oilers will replace us as second seed.  In regards to the first seed?  We can hope the Bombers, riding a 3 game winning streak, take care of the Hoppers tonight and tomorrow.  In any view through, the Railroaders need to take care their own business and secure the second seed position in the standings. We should get another shot at taking out the Hoppers, but we'll have to produce wins to get there. Only a dozen games to go, no time to waste!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Controlling our own Destiny

What does the future hold?
Three games left with the Hoppers, 3 1/2 games behind them, 14 total games to go.  The race for the season pennant remains close and any of the five top teams could pull it out.  What's a Railroader to do?  WIN Baby, WIN!

The Railroaders have arrived at an important moment in the season.  Two of the three remaining games with the Hoppers begin tonight at the Yard, and tomorrow in hostile Hoptown.  Winning these games is the best chance for the Railroaders to secure their position in the pennant race.  Owensboro is only 1 1/5 games behind us in third, and followed close by Madisonville 2 1/2 and Dubois County 3 games back.

Wins both tonight and tomorrow keep Fulton in second place and will gain two games on Hoptown.  Tough act as the Hoppers are riding a six game winning streak.  They are playing will winning the close games or blowing out opponents with huge scores.  The Railroaders have shown they can do the same, however the last three losses were by only 2 runs, games the Railroaders couldn't pull out.  Coulda, woulda, shoulda, heck, no time left now to continue that trend!

The moment and time is now for the Railroaders to bring it up notch.  It's simple, we'll need help from other teams if we don't control the Hoppers in our remaining game against them.  See you at Yard to watch the Railroaders Fire It Up once more for a run towards the finish.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heading toward the final stretch

Fifteen games to go and 2 1/2 games behind the Hoppers.  There are some big games this week.  The Bombers come to the Yard tonight.  The Railroaders have taken 4 or 6 games against the Bombers to this point, and it's important to keep up the winning play against them.  They run the bases batter than anyone, but the Railroaders have them in every other category.  It should be another great home game in Fulton.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the Hoppers return to the Yard with the Railroaders heading to Hoptown on Thursday.  The Railroaders are 3-3 with the 1st place Hoppers and it's our final chance to close in on them going head-to-head at home.  We need to make the most in our effort to defeat them in both these games.

It's pretty simple, wins over this week will greatly strengthen the Railroaders chances in taking the #1 seed in the regular season standings.  The Railroaders have the power and just need to get the train rolling down the stretch at full speed.  Time to Fire it UP!

Monday, July 8, 2013

We Moving on up!!!

These guys are Firing the Train up right now and Rolling strong!- Problem is  them Hoppers are Hoppin right along as well.. We can catch em though, Plenty Of Baseball left, Our pitching is right on , the bats can produce , keep focused on defense we be just fine. Bring Hoghead some more nachos , every little thing gonna be alright...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

"We've not yet begun to Fight!"

The Railroaders' guns were silent for the most part in last night's game with the Pirates.  The Pirates boost ahead into 3rd position after winning the battle, 4 games out of 1st and 2 games behind Fulton.  Our loss and Hoptown's victory over the Cats on Friday pushed Fulton back to 2 games out of first.

Tonight at the Yard is a rematch with the Bucs and a chance for the Railroaders to even the two game series.  There are 16 games left in the regular season for the Railroaders.  Over the last 16 games the Railroaders have amassed a 13-3 record., however the last 2 game we've not played up to our potential.  It's time to get the back on the right course for final third of the season.  The race will tighten and the games will get tougher.  We have the right weapons and there's a need now to use them.

Let's Fire it Up and get going again with a strings of wins, beginning tonight!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cats and Fireworks at the Yard

With the win last night the Railroaders have taken 4 of 5 games against the Bobcats thus far this season.  The Cats may be at the bottom of the standings with a 6-19 record, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous on the field.  No time to let our guard down now.  Marion has added a couple new players in hopes of improving their season play.  I’m sure they would enjoy playing the spoiler for every team they face. 

The Railroaders are hot though, winning 11 of the last 12 games.  From a historical standpoint, Fulton has the exact same record of 16-11 as they this time last year through 27 games.  The difference this year; the Railroaders are only 1 ½ games behind the Hoppers this time while last year they were 4 games back with 27 completed games.  I think it’s going to have a different ending this time.  The boys are hot and playing well.

We're expecting fireworks both on and off the field tonight, so come on out to the Yard for a great 4th of July evening of entertainment!

Garret Ring scheduled pitcher for the Railroaders tonight!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oilers & Railroaders for 2 games tonight

Both the Railroaders and Oilers are close in the standings.  Along with the Bombers, both teams are fighting towards taking out the first place Hoppers who play the Bombers tonight and have a 2 game lead at the mid-season point.  Tonight at the Yard the Railroaders have a chance to improve over everyone with a doubleheader evening.

The Oilers like to run the bases with 58 stolen on the year and have played two less games than the Railroaders who have 38 bases taken.  The Railroaders have the bats though with a .263 team average while the Oilers come in with a .225 thus far.  Fulton has 6 active players above or near .300 in average, the Oilers best hitter is at .286.  No comparison in homeruns either as Fulton totals 23 and the Owensboro with only 3.  Railroader pitching is better at a team ERA of 2.67 and the Oilers at 2.99.  Still the Oilers win on Sunday shows they have what it take to get it done.  However, so do the Railroaders who have come back from a 5-10 start to win 8 of the last 9 games played.

Tonight is time for the Railroaders to get it going again, and at the Yard.  The other OVL games are single contest for today, so the Railroaders can move ahead with a sweep of 2 games over the Oilers.  Let's Fire It UP, Guys!!!!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Round # 6 with the Hoppers tonight

We were all hoping for a win over the Hoppers last night, and WOW did we ever get one!  The Railroaders extended their streak to 7 straight wins and ended Hoptown's desire of achieving the same.  Adding the 15 runs scored last evening brings the total runs for the last seven games to 72, that's 4 more than the previous 15 games combined to start the season.  The 4 home runs hit last night (in Hoptown BTW) has the Railroaders totaling 22 on the year, 2 more than all the other five teams combined.  The Railroader bats have come alive!

Tonight's game at the Yard with the Hoppers will get both teams over the hump towards completion of the 45 game schedule.  The Hoppers remain in 1st place by 3 games over both the Oilers and Railroaders in 2nd place.  Hoptown has taken 3 of 5 Rounds with the Railroaders with 3 more to go in the season. Tonight's game will be Round 6 and time for the Railroaders to even the season fight.  But the Hoppers will not go lightly into that good night, we need to be on our toes.  They enjoy being at the top of the standings, and it will take ever win we can get to overtake them.

The forecast for Saturday night's game is looking pretty good, both weather and action.  Let's all get to the Yard and back the Railroaders up as the try to take another victory over the Hoppers.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Challenging the Hoppers

The Railroaders, now 11-10, appear to have really come together over the last week.  Fulton jumped from 5th to 3rd overnight after beating the Bombers and the Pirates falling to the Hoppers.  Through winning the last 6 straight games, the boys have totaled 56 runs across the plate.  Before the current streak of victories and a record of 5-10, the bats produced 68 runs total.  Average then was 4.5 runs per game.  Since last Friday and the 6 games played, the average has gone to 9.3 per game.  I think it's important also to note that Roaders won 2 of the last 6 games by two runs or less, games they have previously failed to win in the first 15 games of the season.  Have they turned the corner?  Friday and Saturday's games with Hoptown will clear the picture better.

The 1st place Hoppers, currently 15-6, also happen to have won their last 6 games.  Some OVL followers say they are the "hottest" team in the league.  It needs to noted though that the Railroaders have kept their 4 games back pace throughout the Hoppers wins, and Fulton is  now poised to cut into that lead going head-to-head with Hoptown.

How do the Railroaders and Hoppers match up?  In the first 4 meetings between the two teams, Hoptown is 3-1 over the Railroaders, close games with two losses by 2 runs and the other by 3.  Through 21 games each, below are key stats to compare:

Avg Slug OBA RBI Hits HR Runs SO BB S. Bases
Hoppers .253 .331 .363 85 163 3 106 111 88 43
Railroaders .261 .385 .382 115 182 18 125 145 101 35
ERA Hits HR SO BB Runs Hit B.
Hoppers 2.72 151 9 165 72 76 20
Railroaders 2.91 147 5 163 86 86 27

While the Hoppers appear to have slight edge on the pitching side, the Railroaders offense at the plate is stronger.  We do need to consider a little offset for the home runs since Fulton does have the short Little Monster in right field at home. Tonight and tomorrow will be some great baseball for sure and I expect some thrills will be had!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DC Bombers flying into the Yard tonight

"Say 'Hello' to my little friend"
The Bombers are coming to Fulton tonight with a 10-8 record, in second place and tied with the Oilers.  The Railroaders are a game and a half behind in 5th place, and have began to chop away at the first top 4 teams in the standings.

Only three days ago the Pirates where holding the 2nd place position until the Railroaders put them down twice, and moved them down to the 4th position.  

The Railroaders have put a string of 4 straight wins and look to continue the trend as mid-season approaches.  After starting the season 5-10, Fulton is now only a game away from .500 record.    The guns at bat have come alive, defense has tightened up and team pitching ERA it under 3.

Next up are the Bombers who have won 3 of their last 4 games.  The key to tonight's game is "keep them off the bases".  The Bombers are nearly twice the number of stolen bases at 57, as the Railroaders have 35 total.  The Railroaders have the weapons to take the Bombers out.  Four times we've faced them and have only came away with one win.  Time to improve on that head-to-head record beginning tonight at the Yard, and continuing tomorrow when the Roaders head up to DC.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pirates at the Yard tonight

The Railroaders got their first back-to-back wins last night against the struggling Bobcats.  Wow, a 15-0 victory on the road!  Since the last post, Fulton has avoided another 5-11 start with a current record of 7-10.  Are things looking up?  I think and hope so.  Certainly the addition of Sillyman and Valdez has help at the plate, and the other Railroaders have improved their batter averages.  We're seeing a lot more power with the bats now and RBI to go with it.  I believe our overall pitching is as good and better than other OVL teams.

Tonight's game will be another challenge as the second place 10-7 Pirates enter the Yard.  The Railroaders and Pirates have faced off twice thus far, with each winning a game apiece.  They won the first by 1 run and the Railroaders took the second with an overpowering 12-0 win.  The Pirates are 3 games ahead of us in the standings and dropped their last game 6-1 to the Bombers.  In a second game last night with the Bombers, they were trailing 2-0 after three innings when the game was rained out.  I expect the Pirates to be on their toes tonight.  They are sure to play much better than the Bobcats, and their pitching will be more suited to the task of trying to shut down Railroader bats.

Fulton has a 2 straight wins, can we build on that?  I say "Yes" and expect the guys to play hard tonight. By week's end, we'll be half way thru the regular season games.  Now it the time to strike and move up in the standings.  We don't want to be playing catch up in the lower division this time next week.

FOR NOTE:  In regards to the last comment on the last blog post; an Anonymous inferred this blog was useless without fresh info after every game. To be clear, I am pretty busy creating "fresh" data contained on both the Railroaders' and OVL's websites.  I also need my beauty sleep!  This blog exist for everyone to make comments, observations and express opinions about the Railroaders and the OVL season play.  It would be helpful if those of you out there add to the content.  The more that is shared, the more "fresh" info we all can read and discuss.

Final note:  Just received a text informing that Garret Ring is scheduled to start on the mound tonight for the Railroaders.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's try it again!

Tonight we play the 4-11 Bobcats, just a game behind our 5-10 Railroaders.  A battle in the OVL Standings' basement. Not a nice position to be in.  Can the Railroaders turn it around?

As mentioned in the last post, however now updated, the Railroaders have almost matched last year's season start of 5-11 (which was on June 22, 2012).  At that time, the Railroaders began to win 12 games straight, a team and league record.  Is it possible for the 2013 Team to repeat?  That's a tall order in my estimation, but if a strong finish for 2013 is ahead something good needs to happen soon.

Of the 10 losses thus far, the Railroaders fell by 2 or less runs in 7 of those games.  We need to win the close games, no doubt about it.

It's Friday, and we need the fans at the Yard tonight to spur the Railroaders on.  Let tighten up and defense, and get the bats going.  The race is tight with the top 4 teams, we're 4 1/2 games back, and 30 games to go.  Do the math, we can do but we need to begin now! .

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Looking for a Home Win against the Oilers

The Oilers come into Fulton tonight with a 8-5 record, and in a 3-way tie in 1st place with the Pirates and Hoppers. Our Railroaders are 3 1/2 games back in 5th place.  About this time last year, the Railroaders were 5-11, our current record is 5-9.  It's also about the same time the Railroaders began a 12 game winning streak.  It's that time Guys!  Time to tighten up and play ball.  We have the pitching and it needs consistent backup defensive play, along with clutch hits at the plate.  Still plenty of baseball left to play!

Let's get this turned around now!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hoppers at the Yard tonight

The 5-6 Railroaders will play 6-5 Hoppers tonight in hopes of evening up Fulton season record to .500.  The two teams have met twice already with each winning a game each.  The Railroaders look good again last night, and appear to be getting their act together as a team.

The Railroaders have played the Hoppers tough in the past.  Last year the Roaders were the only team the Hoppers found hard to control.  This year shouldn't be any different.  The Hoppers, currently in 4th place, are only one game back of the leading Pirates and one game ahead of the 5th place Railroaders.

Time to fire up the engine and get it on the field.  Let's come away with a win and move up!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Time to shoot down the Bombers

Another close one last night, and almost had them Bombers totally in our sights.  We have failed 3 times now in taking these guys down.  Tonight at the Yards let's get the job done!

Two nights ago we saw the Railroaders go to afterburners and wipe out the Pirates.  Think we might see that again with the Bombers?  We saw in the game on Wednesday a team that played and executed better than any team I can remember seeing at the Yard.  Let's get it done again tonight.  One quarter of the season is left, three quarters to go.  Time to "Fire it Up" guys!!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Battle with Pirates at the Yard

We almost had them ole' Pirates last night, but fell on our own sword last night!  It was a night of "fighting" but not quite the type or ending we needed.  Tonight is a chance to even the score, or should I say take the score.  The Pirates are in 1st place in the standings and we're 2 1/2 games back in 5th place.  Let's get the win and gain a game.  It's time to get the bats going and the defense to tighten up.  It's going to be a "hot" one tonight on the field.  Let's stick to baseball and let our skill do our talking.  We got the talent, let's use it!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chance to move up in the standings

The win last night over the Bobcats moved the Railroaders into 4th in the standings and 2 games back from the leading Bombers who lost to the Pirates.  The Railroaders are heading to Owensboro tonight to make up a rain out from last Thursday.  The Oilers are 1.5 game out of first.  A Fulton win tonight would move us into the 3rd position.

A timely win, should it occur, as the Railroaders will take on the 2nd place Pirates on the Tuesday night in Madisonville and on Wednesday back in Fulton.

The first place Bombers will play the hopping mad 5th place Hoppers tonight in Hoptown for a make up game.  The Pirates and Bobcats are idle for the evening.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Oilers and Bombers face off for 2 games, as well as the Hoppers and Bobcats battle for two games. I have good idea the standings will look much different after the next 3 days!U

UPDATE: ,Game to tonight in Owensboro has been rained out. To be played this Sunday.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rain ending, Bobcats & Railroaders next

The Bobcats are in town and so it the rain, but the field is covered and we wait for play.  Hopefully we'll get started by 8 pm, maybe even less.  So standby as the Railroaders and Bobcats intend to play this game.  TeamLine will be online if the game is played.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Problems in the Basement

Seems we have several issues with our wiring down here. There also seems to be a lot of Cats running around down here also.  What a mess!  We can fix everything though, let's just get to work and do what we're here for, play solid baseball.  We can complain or move on and  I say move on!  Still early in the season and things can turn around quickly. Time to put a new line of wins together and get back upstairs.  Much more pleasant up there, not so much down here.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Looking for a Win at Home!

Tonight's a good night to get our first win at Home and even ourselves up in the standings with the Oilers.  Owensboro comes into the game with a 2-2 record while the Railroaders are a game behind at 1-3.  The first ten game of the season are tough ones, and we need to get it together now at the 5 game mark.  It's Friday night and the town will be out for the show.  It should be a great evening for baseball.  I'm sure the Oilers will play hard in hopes of improving over their season last year.  However, the Railroaders are working hard to get it done for that first victory at the Yard.  Come on out and join the fun!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The ice is broken with a win

The Railroaders found their winning ways last night at the expense of the Hoppers in Hoptown. Tonight our guys face off again with the Hoppers and in our Yard. Come on out and join the fun as the Railroaders play to even their record. Can't get to the game? Tune in to TeamLine and listen.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In Hoptown tonight looking for a Win

On the road again heading for Hoptown in hope of seeing the Railroaders chalk up their first victory in 2013. I'm in my 7th year working with the Railroaders and every season it a new one.  You'd think after all that time that beginning another season would be easy and everything well together.  However, there are always cliches popping up and adjustments to be made. New personnel and players need to be trained and learn to work together. Certainly this is true for the players. I would be nice to start with everything working good and the team winning games, but no pain, no grain.  It will come together, on and off the field.  The kinks will get worked out and the Railroaders will come together.  It just a matter of when.  Only 2 games completed and lots of ball left to play. I have feeling things will be improving shortly and we'll be off and running once more.  Let Go Railroaders!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Railroaders 2013 Season at Home begins tonight vs Bombers

Rained out on Saturday night, so back in Fulton at the yard tonight!  The Bombers were successful last night on their home airfield, beating the Roaders 7-5.  Tonight Fulton is looking for a different result.  We're on TeamLine so tune in and listen to play by play.  Post your comments here.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Well we didn't have to defend against the Bombers today as the rain determined the outcome of tonight's action.  We'll just have to make a first attack tomorrow evening at the Dubois County airfield.  Time to warm the engine up and hit the road for the first game of the season on Sunday.  I was sure looking forward to some of that Yard chow, but guess I'll just have to wait until Monday night to taste test the cooking abilities of the new grill.  See you at Yard on Monday!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Railroaders face a threat from the sky to start the 2013 Season.

What a way to begin the season!  The Railroaders have to look to the sky for either stormy weather or Bombers on Saturday night.  As of this posting the game is still on for a 7 pm start time.  The players are ready and willing, and the Yard is prepared for another great summer of Railroader Baseball.  It seems only yesterday the smell of ballpark food filled the air, I can hardly wait for the first order of nachos.  The front office has even added a grill for further enhancement of our taste buds.  Good ball and food, what more can you ask for?

The field is in excellent condition and the stadium as well.  All the crews have work hard to get everything in shape for 2013.  Teamline will be up and running along with updated live box scores during Home games.  Boilerstoker will be handling the stadium announcing and I'll be eating while scoring the game.  Hope to see you at the Yard, and if not, online on Teamline.