Friday, June 22, 2012

Hassling with Hoppers

It's Friday and a big night at the Yard.  The current # 1 seed in the OVL standings, the Hoppers, are coming into town for a showdown with the Railroaders. The Hoppers have a record of 11-4 and the Railroaders in the rear at 5-11. Both teams have faced each other 4 times so far and each has 2 wins against the other, 2-2. Also interesting; both teams have lost their two head-to-head games at home. Remember our opening season game (June 1) at home and the 11-9 loss? That following Wednesday (June 6) in Hoptown, we beat them down with a 18-4 win.  Then last Saturday (June 16) in Hoptown we beat them 4-2 only to have them return to our Yard the following night on a Sunday and squeak by us 3-2.

A final thought to consider for tonight; the Hoppers only have 4 losses.  The Railroaders account for 2 of those losses and the Bobcats (# 2 in the standings) have the other two.  Our guys play them touch, so tonight's game should be a good one!  See you at the Yard or on TeamLine!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Down in the dump?

Are you feel’in kinda sad, disgusted or just plain mad? I think we’ve been down here for long enough, how about you? If we’re working and playing the best we can, then that’s all we can expect, and respect the effort given.

Winning isn’t the only thing. Doing our best and holding our heads high in doing it, is what really counts! We learn as we go and get better from our mistakes.  Our performance gets better and we become better people for it. The team gets stronger and the game becomes more fun. After all, isn’t it the thrill of play that makes us love baseball?

If this is not case or your heart really isn’t in it, then being down in the dumps may not go away. I think your hearts are in it. Have a little fun playing the game,. Put your heart and soul in it. Come more together has a team, both on the Field and Bench.  As Boilerstoker states it, “get fired up!”

Lots of baseball yet to play….not time to quite….and no where to go but up. Sounds like an opportunity to me. Let’s come together, players and fans, and play some Railroader Baseball!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the Road again

Railroaders rolling to Marion tonight to take on the second place Bobcats.  Spoil time for the Cats as the boys go at it again.  Hard start, but the steam pressure is building.  I for one, wouldn't want to be in front these guys when they finally get it together.  The time is near, and these wheel were made for crushing.  Let's get a win!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting back into the game

We got a little bit hurt last night and stumbled somewhat trying to fix everything, but tonight is a new game.  The Pirates had their moment with us at Madtown and now it's our turn. After a trip to the ER, I'm ready too. Our recovery needs to begin now! Enough of this bumbling and fooling around, time to get down to business and perform as we know we can.

TeamLine and WiFi are ready to go, and the scoreboard is being worked on. We'll be ready at the Yard for Pirates to sail into town. We need a serious win tonight and the Fans are a part of our recovery.  Let's get out and support the Railroaders as they avenge the ugly loss on Monday. I know its in our players, let's see it happen with some good baseball play.

Game Time is 7 pm. I'll see you at the Yard!

Monday, June 18, 2012

OOOOPS.....WRONG WIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see if we can get it right and back on the track on Tuesday!

Basement Work

I've been poking around the basement and after being down here for a while, it's starting to feel comfortable and cozy. I believe I've located the problem with the Internet wiring. If I figure out how everything goes back together, I should have it fixed and running before Tuesday night's game with the Pirates.

Speaking of the Pirates, they were down here too a little while ago but have moved upstairs to enjoy the daylight. The Railroaders have 2 games with the old Bucco's and a chance to get Fulton out of the dark and damp. Monday our boys will be in Madisonville for the first game, then return to the Yard on Tuesday for the second one at Fulton. 

Persistence is the key here; it's taken while to work out the problems to repair the WiFi, and it's the same with baseball. All the parts are here and now all we have to do is assemble the parts correctly. We just can't give up. There's still the work to be done, so let's get with it! 

You can listen to Monday's game at Madisonville online with Pirates' TeamLine and at home Tuesday with Railroaders' Team, even if I can't get this all put back together for before tomorrow.
They are monitoring the game closely, but it doesn't look good for a Monday night.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Race has tightened up

With the Cats & Bucs splitting a doubleheader last night, and a Railroader win over the Hoptown, we're now in 2nd place!  Of course we are sharing that spot with the Oilers and Pirates, as 1st place is held by both the Hoppers and Bobcats. Tonight's contest with the Hoppers jumping into town is the only game on tap in the OVL.  It's a good chance for us to gain a game and take 3rd position all alone. Should be a hot one, both the weather and action on the field.  But the fans will be on in the grandstands and the sun will set, its a good time to get out and cheer the boys on. Let's win this one for the fathers! We'll be there on TeamLine if you can't make it, so tune in for the action. I'm sure there will be lots of it at the Yard!