Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Season is over, but the Memories Great

Well we wish the season could go on for a few more games, but we'll have to settle for 2nd place in the regular season play. There were many great moments in 2008 and we'll look forward to 2009 for even more. The Players, Coaches, Fans, and Owners have all contributed to exciting baseball in Fulton. If you would like to express your thoughts, this is the place to do it. Boilerstoker and I wish all the players success in their future with baseball and hope to see a few next year. Congrats to the Oilers and the Pirates on their play Playoff run so far, good luck in the 3rd Round.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

On to Post Season Play

The standings for the season have finally been decided and the Railroaders take the 2 seat for the Playoffs. What a ride! It came down to the last day of the seasonal play to get there, too. Congrats to the team for a great finish and fine win against the Bobcats. Now the guys have 2 days to rest up and get ready for the tough Post Season Playoff series in round 2 with either the Oilers or Firebirds (I stand corrected from my first posting when I thought it was UC or Marion we would face). Both these teams will mean business when go at it on Monday the round 1, single game elimination in Owensboro. Then on Tuesday, the winner will be hosting the Railroaders for the first game in the best of 3 games, round 2. The second game, and third if necessary, will be played in Fulton at the Yard.

The Railroaders are a little thin in the ranks going into the Playoffs, but their spirit is strong and you can see it in their eyes as they played on Saturday. And as Boilerstoker pointed out, had we not won the game, the Oilers would have taken the 2nd seed by their sweeping of the Hounds in Union City on the same night. I must admit I was a Greyhound fan for a while, hoping they would take out the Oilers for at least one game to ensure our 2nd place position. But our players knew if they won, there would be nothing the Oilers could do to stop them from securing the 2nd top standing for 2008’s regular season. They did just that and I’m extremely proud of everyone of them. I believe in the upcoming Playoffs they have a lot more to show us too. Go get’em Railroaders!

BTW, Marlene is as tickled as can be and is wondering if any of the players don't have a girl friend.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Railroader and Bobcat matchup report

Here are some numbers to help size up the contest between the Railroaders (47 games) and the Bobcats (45 games). Pretty even in the pitching department with ERA's, 3.45 Cats and 3.38 Railroaders. The only noteworthy difference would be they've walked 53 more batters than we have with 2 less games played about a 100 less batters faced. In every other pitching category we are pretty much even.

At the plate there are a couple of differences worth mention. We have 261 RBI's to their 141, a difference of 120. (with of course 2 more games played). We have 113 more runs scored and 114 more walks. Team batting averages are Cats .240 and Railroaders .254. They do steal a few more bases than we do. Other than these, both teams again look much the same.

So, I think is boils down to who's more fired up and in-tune for playing. The Bobcats have been scrappy of late and have won 5 in a row including a game against the Pirates and a 2 game sweep of the Greyhounds in the dog pound. I guess that answers where they're at, playing for pride and being successful. On the otherhand, we have the Railroaders, and until last night I was a bit concerned for they well being in the standing. But the train has been put back on the track by one shift crack of the bat in the bottom a 9th inning comeback by Hunter Dawson who more than paid for 2 errors he was charged with during the game. Hunter displayed what the 2008 Railroader team is all about, pick it up, keep it cool and get the job done! That moment in the Yard will be one that everyone there will always remember. So if you want to see some that action, get out there tonight and Saturday for some more. Because the Train is rolling and the steam pressure is up. Go Railroaders!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

2 nd place

new season, everybody will be 0-0. First team to 2 wins will be champs. Good Luck to all teams, congrats to the RR's. keep playing good ball,
Rattler, outta here

Time to settle down and play ball

Certainly fate played a roll in keeping us in the race for 2nd seed. We can’t count on the Oilers and Hounds to lose again to help us retain our position. We’re hurt and have several players out now for the season, but there are still quality players within the roster and it’s time to step up. Our defense has improved and can even the game when our pitching goes sour, but the bats must come alive if we are to secure that 2nd position. Clutch hits are what I’m talking about. I’ve seen every player in the current starting line-up do it before and know they can do it again. The Railroaders are due. It’s time to turn this train around and get back on the winning track.

Just a note on the umps; it is what it is and I think both sides received the same treatment. More over, the fans are frustrated with losing and I’m sure the players are even more so. Let’s pick up our Spirits, get back on the field and in the stands, let’s finish the season in grand style. We can overcome bad calls.

The race for second is as tight as it can be and we're not out of it by a long shot. I've foregone shaving today for a game face tonight. I think even Marlene is letting her arm pits grow out. If we can't scare the Pirates, nobody can!

Monday, July 21, 2008

1 win away until new champs

Everyone needs to congratulate the Tradewater Pirates on their regular season title. They are the outright champs for the 2008 season. Now the battle for 2nd is on, a 3 way race. The Pirates have wrapped it up but can spoil Fultons chances for 2nd in the league. We gotta get out there and kick some butt.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The 3 way battle for 2nd seed.

With a magic number of 1, it seems apparent that the Pirates will take the season pennant. The 2nd place position is still far from being decided, but we will know by this time next week who will play who in the Post Season Playoffs. The Railroaders, Hounds and Oilers are now going to fight it out for that 2nd seat. The Pirates will have some say in it too as they come into Fulton on Wednesday for 2 games and test the Railroaders' ability to come back and make a play for it. While we scrap with the Bucs, the Greyhounds will be in Bobcat country for 2 and the Oilers will be hosting the Firebirds for 2 days of doubleheaders. The Railroaders end the regular season on Friday and Saturday with the Bobcats in our Yard, as the Oilers and Hounds close it out in Owensboro.

So the question is, which of the 3 teams bidding for 2nd seed are hungry enough to take it? I’m sure each one of them will be thinking about it over the next 3 days as the Kitty League All Stars go and face the CICL in Huntingburg. I like and choose to believe the Railroaders have it in themselves to make it happen. It comes down holding our position by winning against the league leader Pirates, beating the Bobcats, and possibly taking out the Oilers in a make-up game yet to be played. What’s it going to be, Railroaders? It’s up to the team to get their act together, plus the fans continued support. I’ll be there, good or bad, and I hope the players and fans are too.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heading home to run for the pennant.

Looking into my crystal ball, the smoke hasn’t cleared yet and the road trip could have been better, but the wins at the end keep us in contention for the pennant. The train is back on the track and running smoothly. So where are we at and what's the situation look like? The first thing to examine is the league leader, the Tradewater Pirates. They have 8 games left in the season and with a 3 game lead in 1st their magic number is 7 to clinch the pennant. But, that 3 game lead is over the 2nd place Oilers who are sliding into Tradewater for a 3 game series with the Pirates beginning today, Thursday. So when the smoke clears on Saturday, the pennant picture will look a little different.

Where does that leave us? We are 4 games back with 8 games left. The Hounds are in town for 3 games. It’s simple, we win and we gain ground on the loser at Tradewater and keep pace with the winner. There are several combinations in the outcome, but again, we win and we’re in it. Let’s remember, after the All Star break the Pirates are coming into the Yard for 2 games, and we still have a PPD game with the Oilers in Owensboro to make up. That accounts for 6 of our total 8 games left, the last 2 are at home with the Bobcats. With a little help, we have a good chance to take this thing. We just need to win!

UPDATE: As the time gets closer to the game, I can see the cause for the smoke in the distance. I guess the boys are heading home all fired up and ready to roll. We’ll need everyone to help stoke the fire and keep the engine at full steam. So head on out to the Yard for some baseball, it’s going to be exciting. You can count on it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It appears worse than it is

It looks like a mess, but we can clean it up and get back on the winning track with 10 games to go. We have 2 more games with the Bobcats before heading home for 3 with the Greyhounds. After the All Star break, we’ll finish up the regular season at home in the Yard with the Pirates for 2 and then Bobcats for 2. We need some help from some of the other clubs to take the Pirates down a couple of notches, as we are 3 and half games behind them. We also have to have some help taking the Oilers back a couple of notches, and Greyhounds seem to be doing that. We’ll have to take care of the Hounds ourselves this week to put distance between us, they are just a half game in our rear and wanting to move ahead of us. We must play error free ball when it counts, and not lose games because of them. Let’s get back to basics, clean up our act and do what we have the talent to do. Our fielding at crucial moments of games is not up to par with what needs to be done. No more wrecks, please. Let’s get it going and back to work, Railroaders!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Season Pennant still up for Grab

The Pirates have sailed away and "so what" if they left us with a bloody nose. But they’ll be back in less than 2 weeks for 2 more games. It will be our chance to even our season record with them. For the present, the current 6 game road trip takes the Railroaders to Owensboro to face off with the 2nd place Oilers. They are only a half game ahead of us, it’s time to gain ground and move back into the 2nd spot.

So what’s the rest of the season look like?

We are about to round the bend with 13 games left going into Owensboro. After the 3 set with the Oilers, the guys head for Marion for another 3 games with the Bobcats. That puts us down to 7 games to go and every one of them at home in the Yard. First will be the Greyhounds, this coming Thursday, for 3 nights of howling fun. The All Star break will suspend season play for 3 days, then the Pirates return to the Yard for the final 2 regular season meetings with them. We will complete our last 2 season games with the Bobcats with post season playoffs beginning after a day off.

The pennant is still up for grabs. Some don’t think we have what it take to grab it. Others are hopeful and supportive but are concerned over mistakes we’ve made that cost us games. Well, every team makes them. I’ll bet we’re not the worse in the league on errors per game. All we need to do is shake it off and get to work. Keep pace with the Pirates and overtake the Oilers. We’re only 2 behind the lead after 37 games and with 2 more Pirate games before the season’s end. Let’s fire up the engine and roll, train!

Things That Make ya Go HMMMM

Well I think all us yard hands were going hmmm last night, Got ourself behind early and gave up hmmm way to many hits early Those Pirates,Hats off to them, have a deep bench and a good team.But with that said, we Have a pretty darn good group of players to,and I saw a lot of Heart out there last night, we were behind could not even buy a run till the 6th inning,and what do we do? We bang out 6 runs in a hurry folks, we have the Heart to not quit and keep digging, and that my friends is what is going to carry us into the second half of this season and fighting with the best to win this penant! So hang on fans its gonna get better,Sure another good arm or 2 would be sweet to get b4 the cut off date,but never and I mean never count us out, take away a couple mistakes over the 3 game series and we would have won them all. Lets get them Oilers!
Roll Train


Ok enough is enough. The Pirates are ahead of us, as are the Oilers. We own the oilers and cannot beat the pirates. D-Fense people. Hopefully we can get past Marion and Union City after we beat up Owensboro again. Second place is cool but we gotta repeat as regular season champs. You know what, I have this feeling that we are gonna meet the Pirates in the finals, and then regular season records means nothing. Best of 3, loser go home. Been a good year so far, lets keep it going.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I have information on the Pirates

I’ve been undercover in the Pirates camp and have returned with important information we can use for the upcoming 3 game series with Bucs. They didn’t seem to mind a bit and hardly noticed me as I swabbed their decks and polished the brass. They are an interesting band to say the lease. Let’s take a look at the information I’ve uncovered.

The Pirates team batting average is .251, above the league average of .234,.but below the Railroaders at .267. We’ve shown an edge here. We’ve got them on slugging and OBA too, they are .335 and .355 while we are .386 and .387. We have 24 homeruns to their 9. Our 226 runs to their 179. The Pirates do have 11 more stolen bases (55) than we have and 3 more triples than the Railroaders. But in most other areas, we produced more.

So what do the Pirates have that makes them so good?

It must be the pitching. Their team ERA average is 2.38 with the League average at 3.34. The Railroaders BTW are 3.19. The Pirates top 4 starting pitchers have a combined record of 17-3 in 24 starts. Their combined ERA average is 1.69. These guys control the game and keep it close. Their offense is designed to win with bold action at the right time. We need to be on our toes to STOP IT and find a way to bust up the pitching.

Our record against the Pirates this year is 2-3, so far. We have 5 games left with them and these 3 at home in the Yard are important for us to win. We'll see them again later in the month for 2 more games. This will be the Bucs' first visit to the Yard in 2008. We need to get everyone out and involved to help stop the attack I’ve seen them planning for us. Let’s keep the guns warmed up and ready. We’ll need all hands!

Update: No truer words spoken than in the posted comment, “. . .our destiny is in our own hands.” Yes, it will take all our bats, gloves, cleats and more, plus body, mind and spirit to deal properly with these Pirates. The Firebirds may have been finger-lick’in-good, but the dish the Pirates are planning to serve us is a different meal indeed. One thing for sure, it’s supposed to be the hottest day of the year and I know it’s going to be on the field of play tonight at the Yard!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Positioned to take control

Ok, the road trip is over and we finished up 4-3. Seems we lost some steam after that 9 game winning streak, so it’s time to re-stroke the boiler and take it up a notch for this 5 game home stand. I like our position on re-gaining the lead over the next week. The Firebirds are in for the first 2 nights, and they’ve been roosting up north for 3 days without playing because of rain. We’re warmed up, so let’s take them down and build momentum for the 3 games that follow.

Yea, the Pirates will be next on the agenda. These 3 games with them are our golden chance to power ourselves back into the lead. The Pirates are playing great ball and they’ll be in the dog pound with the Greyhounds for 2 nights before coming to us. We know the Dogs are playing touch and close ball. It won’t surprise me if they chew a little off the Bucs before sending them our way.

Our history with the Pirates this season is 2-3 with 5 more to go. We dropped 3 straight our first road trip there and the following trip there we took the next 2. I believe they were a better team the second time we faced them and I know the Railroaders were. Tradewater has added a couple of new guys (pitching I believe) and their stats are showing the improvement. And on the other hand, the Railroaders have continually proved they can overpower any team.

The next and final road trip for the Railroaders will see them in Owensboro for 3 and Marion for 3. The Oilers continue to slide along closely behind use. We’re in the spot now to take control and win the pennant race. Time to get back to work. There are 18 games left and next 11 could very well decide the race. Let’s get all the Fans out and pick up the players for the most exciting time of the season yet.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Someone call the exterminator!

I really don’t enjoy going to the Dog Pound for baseball. Between the mosquitoes and fleas, along with the yelping mongrels, it’s hard to enjoy the game in such conditions. I like it even worse when we lose to Hounds. But one more game to go there, and we’re through playing ball in Union City for the season. So let’s take this second game on Friday and the next time we face the Hounds it will be in our Yard where the pests won’t be around to bother us. We’ll be ready then to head home for some Bird hunting on Saturday and Sunday with Farmington. It’s time to really gear it up our play too, the Pirates are sailing our way for 3 games next week. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, some of the most important games of the season will be happening in Fulton. We’ve taken the Bucs twice this year, but they’ve improved their pitching by going out and fielding a few new guys. They’ve been hot lately and just slightly ahead of the Railroaders. The lead in the standing will be on the line and we need to be ready for them. Let win these next three nights to fine tune our game and blast the Bucs out of position.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's not over yet!

Well the loss to the Oilers spoiled our 9 game winning streak , but the record on this road trip thus far of 4-1 is not bad, not bad at all. 2 more game, both at the pound in Union City, will complete this trip so there are still wins to be had. And yes, the ole’ Pirates won again and take a half game lead in the standings. But we’ll face them next Monday on our turf for the start of a 3 game series for what’s sure to be an exciting time at the Yard. And don’t forget, we have the Firebirds in town too this Saturday and Sunday night.

We won’t get to test our skills playing against the Chicago Wildcats on Wednesday, not sure why they couldn’t make it. Maybe they heard how good the Railroaders are playing and decided not to bother. In any case, a day off for the guys is a good thing as the road trip draws near to an end. Let's get ready for some intense ball playing over the next 2 weeks. We are still positioned to make great run for the pennant. We need to get all the Fans out for these upcoming games and help fire up the engine!

Over 50 years ago, Fulton made Kitty League History

If you can't remember, or you're too young to know, here's a bit of Kitty League baseball history with the Railroaders. In 1951, The Railroaders won Fulton their first Kitty League pennant. Fulton went on to win the pennant for the next two years, a feat never before accomplished in the 50 year history of the League. The Kitty folded in 1955, before being revived again 50 years later to the present day KIT League. The Fulton Railroaders won the first pennant in 1951, and in 1952 and 1953 the team played under a different name. What name did Fulton's team use thru 1955? Do you know any other names the team used during it's history with the Kitty League? What was the name of the ball field in Fulton at that time? Post your answers here on this blog entry.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Train is rolling down the tracks now!

I couldn't go to Owensboro or Farmington for that matter, cause I'm still working on cleaning up the Yard for Wednesday. But I plugged in the ole' crystal ball and have watched the Railroaders steam their way to victory after victory. That's 9 straight wins so far and looking like no end in sight. One more game with the Oilers before they're home briefly on Wednesday to play an exhibition game with Chicago Wildcats. Then off to Union City on Thursday and Friday to take on the Dogs for 2 games. Then the Firebirds come to town for the weekend with 2 games. Monday of next week sees the Pirates heading our way for 3 nights of hot baseball action at the Yard. We'll be ready for them, too. I'm getting my pirate spy gear out soon, and will infiltrate their ranks and spoil their plans to take first from us.
Keep the pressure up, boys. Full steam ahead!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now that's getting the job done!

What a job the Railroaders have done over the last 10 games, winning 8 and now have won 5 straight. It was time for our move and the guys did just what had to be done. The mid-season point has been reached and the Railroaders are making their statement. The team play has just been outstanding. Now that we have the lead in the standings, let’s remember one important thing, we are the target now! Getting there is one thing, holding it is another. We got our pace and need to maintain it now for the second half of the season. The train is pulling out for Farmington next and up to the dark reaches of the Missouri. Let’s remember the Firebirds have started to show signs of life and have won a few games of late. Let’s head up there and do the same thing we’ve done here at home the last 3 nights, sweep, sweep, sweep! That reminds me, I need to get back to cleaning up all the flies I took out tonight. Sleep tight, Railroaders, and go get the Birds for 3.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time to make our move!

Update Wednesday, June 25: We're doing it and the train is chugging at full throttle down the track and we’re now at the top of the hill. We’ve caught the Oilers and are staring at them face to face. One more game in the Yard with slippery Owensboro before we pack up and head to the birdcage up north and the Firebirds are looking to improve. No time to relax before the next task at hand. The Oilers were looking more determined than ever last night to stop us and I’m sure they are not giving up. They may be beat up and short handed but not out of it. There’s no letting up now. We each have our jobs to do and must do it well. The Railroaders Front Office even gave me the extra task of removing the flies from the concession stand area, and I intend to do my best. So every Player, Fan and Owner is now called upon to do their utmost in driving the train further down the track. Our scheduled pitcher for the this evening is Zach Buxman. The defense is tightening up and bats are alive. Let’s win this one for Coach Estes and take the 1st place spot in the standings.

We need to thank the Bobcats for coming from behind and taking the Pirates back half a notch. I was hoping the Cats wouldn’t hold back anymore and they scratched their way to an upset victory over the Bucs. Let’s work hard for position and take on all comers!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Called upon for a Super Effort

The Railroaders pulled out their last game at the Firebirds with a win, and at what price? These guys played a 15 inning game in Farmington that ended around 11:30 pm, then had to face a 3 1/3 hour trip back to Fulton. Now tonight their go to the dog pound and face the Greyhounds for 3 straight nights. It’s time to "Shazam" and transform our team into the super players I know they are.

We’re 3-1 on the road trip thus far with 3 more to go. We are only 3 games behind the Oilers, who face off with the 2nd place Pirates for 3 nights. The Pirates are just a half game ahead of us. Let’s get some wins over the Dogs and put some more distance between us, while the Oilers and Pirates fight it out for first and second place. We’ll be able to slide into home for the Monday’s home game series with the Oilers and whip up on them for 3 nights.

Let’s get the steam pressure up some more and fly to UC, the engine will take it. Look out Greyhounds, here we come!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Attacking the Pirates, Birds and Dogs this week

We didn’t loose any ground on Saturday except for the 2nd place Pirates who gained another game over us and are within a half of game of the leading Oilers. We are 3 games behind and alone in 3rd with the dogs and cats nipping at our heels, trailing a game. Tonight begins a 7 game road trip for the Railroaders, 2 with the Pirates, 2 with the Firebirds and 3 at the dog pound this coming weekend with the Greyhounds. 15 games have been completed and this important road trip will bring us near the mid season point. It is time we move on the pack and gain on the Pirates and Oilers.

The Railroaders are showing some fine defensive play and bats when we need them. A few errors have hurt us, but not gotten us down. There are some concerns though with some of the pitching. We have several pitchers who need to lower their ERA’s and get them to at least below 5. We are not going to move ahead without improving this area, at best we can only hold our ground if it doesn’t. The League ERA average is 3.75 and we’re at 4.01. The pressure on these guys is tremendous I know, but this is where we separate the men from the boys.

Let’s get this train rolling down the track and get some road wins this week! We’ve got the talent, it’s time to show and use it. This was a good overall home stand 3 of 5, but we have to do better on the road and I know it’s within every Railroader player to do so. Now go get’em.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Shocking Experience

We only got thru 3 innings last night before Mother Nature decided to put an end to baseball play for the evening. The rain and fireworks from the lightning were a thrilling sight! Hope Bobcats ‘manager Fowler if feeling OK this morning after the shocking he received, I know I felt it under the grandstand. So…it’s a doubleheader tonight at the Yard and the grounds crew tells me the field will be fine for play. The first game will begin at 5 p.m. and both games will be 7 innings each. Every game in the Kitty League was called on Friday and everyone will attempt to play doubleheaders tonight. It’s time to make up for lost ground and tangle with the Cats. See you tonight at the Yard!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Out with the Dogs and In with the Cats

Well someone told be today that there were Bobcats heading our way tonight and thru Saturday. More so, they told me these cats were Blue! I suppose blue cats are more dangerous than, let’s say cats. I see the Cats did beat the Dogs twice in their first 3 game series, so they must be more aggressive than the Dogs. Well I’m here to tell you that I’m ready at the first sign of them, and I’m sure the Railroaders will be too. This will be the first time we’ve faced such critters and it’s going to be interesting. I wonder how a blue bobcat rug would look in my den under the grandstand?

With yesterday a rest day, the Railroaders have had time to put things in perspective. We’re at .500 ball with a 6-6 record, the same record we have last year after 12 games. After we scrap the Bobcats this weekend, we will have seen them all and we’ll only get better when we face them again later in the season. The race is a long way from the finish and we have the players to get to the finish line first. Time to start building the steam pressure up, Boys!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No more shock treatment, please!

Those Hounds came back and bit us good on Tuesday. I still can’t understand how we allowed them such a wild time at the Yard. It just goes to show you that you can’t turn your backs on those dogs cause they’ll get you every time. There’s no game in this league you can except to win without maintaining your focus and poise. Well, we split the 2 game series with Union City and we’ll face them again 8 more times before the season is over. Let’s be better next time and tie them up tight so they can’t run the bases. And one more thing, 16 men left on base is not going to get it done.

Wednesday’s a day off for us to lick our wounds and with the Marion Bobcats coming to town on Thursday for 3 games over 3 nights, let’s get ready to do some damage on them. We’re tied with them in 3rd and 4 games back of the lead. The Firebirds finally beat the Bobcats, their first win of the season, on Tuesday. Congrats and thanks to the Birds for helping us maintain our position. We’re going to have to come up with more victories this home stand to keep pace with the Oilers who have now won 8 straight games leading the league and 4 games ahead of us. Let’s get this engine fired up and keep the pressure up for every opponent we face!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I like big bats and lots of RBIs.

Now that’s what I call a turnabout in play! We need to maintain this track and head of steam all the way through this home stand. It’s good the see the Railroaders home and looking good. I wonder if the players didn’t get some bad food on that last road trip, because Monday performance at the Yard was awesome. I think the next time they go on the away again, I’ll pack them some grub to take. But that’s not until next week, so its time to win some ballgames at home. Tuesday the Hounds will be back for seconds and we’d better pile it on again. Then the Bobcats come to town on Thursday for 3 more nights of ball. These guys are tied with us now in 3rd and it’s our chance to put them behind us and gain ground towards the lead. We need everyone out at Lohaus the whole week to keep this train fired up!!! And hats off the 175 Fans at Monday's game, the support really helped.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Please, no more beatings!

I can’t stand to see anymore of these scores. This road trip has not been a good one, 1 for 5 and only 1 win in the last 6 games played. With a 4 and 0 start, who turned out the lights! I think it’s time to get to work guys, and turn this train around beginning Monday night at home with the Greyhounds. They are only 1 game behind and I’m sure they’ll be looking to move ahead of us and take both games in the 2 game series. I know the Railroaders are better than these last few games. Let’s get it back on track, with 40 games to go there’s a lot of baseball to play yet. Let’s do it now! We need all the fans at the Yard this week and help the Railroaders get back to winning.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blown me down!

Hey guys! It’s time to put on the correct garb and sink the pirates. I can plainly see the Bucs dancing on their poop deck celebrating their victory last night. But it was only one battle of many to come this season. Now that we know their tactics, we can bring out the big guns and send these guys to Davy Jones locker. Only two more nights to blunder the Pirates port before coming home to face the Greyhounds. Let’s take this next 2 games, get back on the tracks and head for the Yard.

Proud to see 2006 Railroader Josh Hester drafted by the Cardinals and 2008 Railroader Cory White being picked up by the Cleveland Indians. Just goes to show you the talent we have and the ability of our coaches to pick’em right. I’m wondering now, will Cory be able to play with us. Anyone have insight on that situation?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Back a Rollin

After dropping 2 games looks like our boyz are back on track, a rollin 13 to 5 victory over those Bobcats, I bet we had the bats fired up and the our defense holding firm. Hope the crystal ball looks good for tonight as we roll this train over to tradewater. Those scallywags are hot this season, Roll on boys and sink their ship tonight!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jim Cawley is called home

Local sports broadcaster Jim Cawley died this morning in his home. He was 55 and fought brain cancer for 20 months, the same type as Senator Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with. Many a fan have listen to Jim over the years, and we've learned much about sports both on and off the field of play. This post is for Jim, "I salute you!" - and for the fans who knew or listened to Jim and want to make comments.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How sweet the sound

As I sit listening to my classical music this morning, I reflected on how the music and the Railroaders are making me feel so pleasant. With a 4 and 0 start on the season, it’s like a sweet melody in my ears. The Railroaders are rock’in & roll’in down the tracks and playing some great baseball. I did get a bit tense in the top of the 9th last night when the Oilers scored 2 and pulled within 1 of us, but that last strikeout by Kyle Barnett was oh so sweet. Reminded me of Varnum last year, our closer who always seemed to give the fan a panic attack before pulling out the win. Hope it doesn’t happen too often, though, my heart can’t take it.

We often talk and write about offensive and pitching, but I’d like to write a couple of lines about our fielding. The guys are a wonder to watch. The outfield is outstanding! Elliot Frey in center and Kurt Dudley in left, are just awesome with their range and speed. These guys have taken several potential hits away. And Cory Hodskins, no less, has mastered that tricky right field. Our infield is just as good, too. I haven’t seen a bad throw to first yet. Our only fielding errors, 3, occurred in the 2nd game, the other 3 were error free. BTW, the Greyhounds have committed 16 errors in their first 4 games! So Hunter, Clay, Louie, and Stuart my hat’s off to you. Keep up the good work. And oh yea, the catcher. Eric, nice gun down to 2nd in the 6th.

Every aspect of the team is looking good. Coach Estes has gone a superb job putting the team together. Think I’ll fire my manager, he’ll never be able to get a spot on the roster now. Until then, I always have my music and room under the grandstand.

Tonight’s the last game of this home stand. I know Oilers want that loss back and will be ready to take us on. Let’s keep the pressure up, boys. Keep this train going and the music playing!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Past, Present, and Future look'in Good!

Thought I’d break out the ole’ crystal ball and maybe take a peek at the 2008 Railroader future. If you remember from last year, this little jewel I found at a yard sale was pretty darn good at show possible rough spots in the track ahead.

The guys have look pretty good through the first 3 games, all against the Birds who seemed to get their act together somewhat at the end. Good for them, and I wish them the best as they take off for the dog bound to face the Hounds, show ‘em you’ve found your rhythm, boys! But getting back to our Railroaders, I was impressed with their cool when falling behind for the first time in the season. They showed poise and confidence and backed it up with positive results from solid ball playing. You’ve overcome a couple of miscues and carried on in fine fashion.

Now the next test, the Oilers. Two years ago no team in the league could catch them in the pennant race all seaon. Last year they were a solid 3rd in the league finishing 6 behind us. This year they have taken 2 of 3 against the newly formed Bobcats. Looking at the stats and my crystal ball, I see a better Oilers team than last year and a managing team looking for move ahead of us to lead the pack. We have a 1 game lead now over them and the Pirates. Time to fire it Up! Let’s take these next 2 home games and then hit the tracks for Marion.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Weather is just fine!

For the game tonight, the weather is looking pretty good. There’s a 30% chance of showers today and 20% tonight. Our Hoghead Radar shot shows a few scattered rain clouds, but nothing that’ll keep the Railroaders from completing the 3 game opening series with the Firebirds.

Speaking of the Railroaders . . . Last Saturday night’s game was another solid performance by the team. There guys are showing some really good stuff. And Coach Estes, I like the aggressive play on offensive! If these guys continue to play like this, the Railroaders are going to be hard to stop. But let us not get too cocky.., the Birds are starting to show little life and will only get better as time goes on. One more game with them and then the Oilers slide into town for 2 games. Owensboro has also won both their opening games and currently tied with us for the early lead in the League. We should keep in mind that the we are becoming a target for any team who comes to the Yard to play.

You guys just continue to work together as you’ve shown and we’re headed for another pennant. The Greyhound Scout that graced our field last night will surely go and let the Dogs what he saw. Scared him so much, he had to be carried off the field (shouldn’t have been out there in the first place).

Go get’em Railroaders!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baseball Fever

Boy, oh boy, what a game last night. Boilerstoker and I could hardly contain ourselves under the Grandstand, but the owners insisted we behave ourselves. 9 hits, 9 runs, and only 1 man left on base, great run production and something we struggled a little with last year. Seven guys with hits, 2 each for Hunter Dawson (1 homerun) and Elliot Frey, and that grand slam from Kurt Dudley. What a way to start the season. Cory White was in form too, striking out 8 and allowing only 2 hits, and reliever Jimmy Ryan in 2 inning with 3 strikeouts and only 1 hit given up. I must say I like the number of left hander we have this year. The crowd was nice too and very supportive of the team. I have to say, Coach Estes has begun the season with great game. The Firebirds aren’t out of here yet though, and game 2 of the 3 series is tonight at the Yard again. I’m sure they’ll want to try and make up for the loss, but I’m sure our guys will keep the pace and win another.

Looks like the Greyhounds got pounded by the Pirates 11-4. Those Pirates can really be trouble when they come to town. The Oilers edged pass the Bobcats 4-3, and the Oilers head our way on Monday and Tuesday. The season has just begun and the fever is running high. And Boilerstoker, I’ll bring more bones for tonight.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Tonight is the Night!

Well it's finally here, and tonight the Railroaders take on the Firebirds in the 2008 Kitty League season. I watched the players practice from far off yesterday and they are looooooking good! I also shaved my beard off and am getting ready for the Birds to fly into town. I hope my research on them will help me identify how to spot the tricking little devils. I even found a chapter in my new book that tells me how to quickly clean up any mess they might leave. I'm feeling good though about the Railroaders ability to handle any situation thrown their way. So, I'll be there tonight to watch, from under the Grandstand of course. See you tonight at the "Yard"!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's almost Here!

Well, there’s little waiting left to be done until the season begins at home against Farmington. Less than 48 hours. I was told the Firebirds flew in a scout to check out our 2008 Railroaders when they arrived Tuesday, but I haven’t seen the little bugger yet. I remember what they did to us in the second game of last year’s season opening series. The score was so bad my mind refuses to remember it, but I looked it up, 23-2. They sure messed all over the Yard and it took me all night after that game to clean it up. Well, we did end up taking the best of 3 games, losing only that one. If they try anything like that this time, I’m bringing my rock salt to put an end to it!

I’ve seen our players and they are a healthy looking bunch. There are a couple speeders, giants, and all touch looking too, like me . . can hardly wait to see them play. Too bad the Thursday exhibition game was called off, but these guys look like they’ll jell as a team quickly anyway, I know Coach Estes will have them ready. Well, the Birds will be a great way to kick it off, just hope I found that scout before he can report back to Farmington about what he’s seen.

Doesn't look like Marlene will get the batgirl job. She over 14 and refuses to get a nose job.

See you Friday night. Let’s play ball!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"I'm not trying to hitch a ride"

Having been mistaken for a hobo hopping a train, the Yard Master told me I needed to shave and forget about becoming a Railroader. Sure enough, Manager Estes has refilled the roster, and one of them is Hodskins from last year’s team. I suppose with Cory back on the team, there’s no need for me to keep the facial hair, Lord knows I can’t compete with him. Well it’s great to see him with the 2008 Railroaders, his skills will definitely make the team even better.

Estes has also signed what appears to be a great outfielder from Springfield College in Illinois by the name of Kurt Dudley. Another strong lefthander like myself. David added another guy from Union University, Kevin Kirksey is a big boy at 6’4” and 215 lbs, and plays first, third, or pitches. All these guys were recruited in month of May by Estes to fill 3 vacated spots. The 22 man roster is now ready!
With only 10 days left before opening night, it’s looking slim I’ll get any chance to make the team. But I’ll remain a free agent and perhaps help Marlene get the batgirl job. . . wonder where she put the garden shears?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Countdown continues..........

Boy O Boy it is getting close to that opening day for the KIT league and the Champion Fulton Railroaders, Gonna be nice to have that 07 pennant in Lohause field and drive to capture in in 08.Hoghead you did a great job finding our old photos, mine were all lost in a train explosion back in 05 maybe I can get copies from ya. I remember that day very well in the photos we were really shoveling the stuff,I mean coal, I hope marlene gets the batgirl job,she may consider paperbag theropy to be a lock in.Im sure she can fire things up around the dougout.
How bout Hoskins coming back folks? isnt that great news? He can sure be a team leader . The "YARD" is in great shape and is yearning for those fans,hotdogs and of course the 08 Fulton Railroaders. Dont forget to get a Boarding pass for a great deal on addmission this season. AWWW cant wait for the train to start to roll ,Fulton and the surrounding areas should be getting excited,with prices of things theses days its such a bargain to come see some fired up excitement here @ Lohouse Field.
By the way Hoghead thats a great pic you found of me, I was very handsome that day!! Regards to your parents and best wishes to them for a early release .

Thursday, May 15, 2008

2 more weeks, I can hardly wait!

Well it’s been 2 weeks since I shaved and only 2 weeks to go until opening night. Hope I can make it with the beard till then; want them birds to have plenty to nest with. Marlene suggested I might want to clip the nose hairs though, it might get rough if the Birds start plucking at them. It is getting tougher to breath these days. In as any case, baseball is in the air! And Boilerstoker is correct. Baseball is playing everywhere this time of year, and perhaps I might get a spot on one of the teams in the other leagues! The Railroaders are still down 2 players on the roster, but rumor has it that Coach Estes is about the fill the spots. So far, they’ve had 3 cancel and only 1 replacement to sign. I’m staying close by my phone this week in hopes my agent calls. If the Railroaders get desperate, they might offer me a position.

As for Marlene, my sister, the RR’s Front Office hasn’t contacted her yet concerning a batgirl position. Perhaps there are a few concerns from some wives that she’s just a bit too hot for the field. She has told me she is a little sweet on one of the owners, but won’t tell me who. Maybe we should run a poll to see the Fans’ opinion on having her for a batgirl!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

shhhhh...I hear the Train a coming

Wont be to much longer folks,tis the season ,the youth ball has started,legion is getting ready and the Train is coming round the mountain. The scrimage game between the Railroaders and the Legion should be great,It is nice to recognize the younger rising players in the Legion league,some of us forget but the youth league and the Legion leagues are the ones that these college kids grow up from.
I have had some great luck the past couple days and hope keeps going.
I think I will talk to Hoghead and see how his luck is going with the roster spot for the railroaders, I think there is one still there? I hope his sis gets that batgirl job, should be entertaining to watch her jog out for the bats :)
Dont forget about those boarding passes toget a great deal on the cheap seats this season,great view from anywhere in the house. I am so ready for the firebirds, got to get the coal loaded and ready to stoke the fire, this train she is a coming....

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hardballer might get a date.

Yea Hardballer, I do have a sister, her name is Marlene. She’s very interested in being a part of the Railroaders organization, too. She’s designed a batgirl uniform but it unsure if the team would be interested. Now if you have any pull with the front office, maybe she might go out with you just to get her foot in the door. But let me warn you, her nose runs a lot and she never wipes it. So you’ll want to bring plenty tissue with you if get a date, I’m sure it would get messy if you get the chance to kiss her. Let me know, I’ll pass your phone number along to her if you’d like!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Only 29 Days To Go

Less than 30 days from the first pitch of 2008. I’ve decided not to shave until opening night at home against the Firebirds. I figure I won’t even need to cut the beard off; I’ll just let the Birds pluck it clean and use the hair to build nests in the visitor’s dugout. After all, they’ll be at the “Yard” for 3 straight nights and we want them to be comfortable in there, Lord knows they won’t be out on the field! I wonder if the Railroader’s might consider having Fried Chicken in the concession stand one night in honor of the Birds visit. I know I’d enjoy munching on the bones the Fans discard beneath the grandstand. Anyway, just a thought.

Still no word from my agent on any signing offers from the Railroaders front office. Maybe with my beard growing out they’ll re-consider giving me a chance. If not, I’ll still enjoy the opening weekend at home and 5 nights of baseball in a roll. Following the weekend action with the Firebirds, the Oilers are in town for 2 nights. Wonder how slick they’ll try and be!

Oh yea . . .Hi, Mom and Dad!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Born to be Wild

Only 40 days left, as of this posting, until the smell of hotdogs and hamburgers cooking at “The Yard” (Lohaus Field). Of course I assume nachos, popcorn, candy and drinks will be there also. Oh yea . . , and baseball too! Ah yes, the crack of the bat, that sweet sound that aluminum just can’t make. I can hardly wait to get out of the engine's cab and back under the grandstand for some baseball action.

On a more serious note, I’ve learned there’s an opening on the Railroaders 2008 roster for 2008. Not sure if manger Estes wants me or not, but I’ve hired an agent this year who’s working hard on trying to sign me with the club. So far, the owners haven’t returned his calls. Can’t say I blame them, my required signing bonus may just be too much for them. Also, from the looks of the current roster that Estes has put together, they may not need me, but I’ll be standing by just in case. I know Mom and Dad would love to see me play.

My parents were proud of the Railroaders and me last year. They have become big fans of the team. And send their best wishes along with a picture to help inspire the players to great victories in 2008. With some luck, and I mean a lot of it, maybe they’ll get paroled in time to attend one of the playoff games! In any case, I’m sure they will continue to support the team in any manner they can, they do have a few outside connections.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Lots of WORK going on in the roundhouse and at the yard, the train they call the FULTON RAILROADERS is getting ready to roll thru the KIT league. The Roster of players is full,lots of new faces to the crew this season and big boots to fill from the KIT league 2007 championship season of the RAILROADERS!! WOOO HOOO. Folks dont forget to get your boarding pass to enjoy all the 26 home games,and what a deal!!! It just cant be beat. The season tickets are SOLD OUT, but get youself one of these passes and hold on tight for a FIRED UP 2008 season. You long distance fans should be able to enjoy the internet broadcasts of the games thru teamline,and of course keep up with all the action via HOGHEAD
Rumors are this guy is still trying to make the roster as a walk on(time will tell) we all know he is born to be wild!
And if the rival match ups between the Greyhounds and Railroaders isnt enough, the head coaches are brothers , now thats what I call excitement.
Get your Baseball groove on ,bring out the entire family for a great night at Lohause field this season starting May 30. I know I cant wait ,C ya there---ROLL TRAIN!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Looking Forward to Spring!

Happy New Year to everyone! Man, oh man, it is cold outside these winter days. It only makes me long more for spring baseball season to begin. With about 4 months until the first game, at home, May 30th, it’s time to start talking about the upcoming Kitty League season. New Railroaders’ manager, David Estes, has already filled the 22-man roster for 2008 with all new players, save one, Cory White. I see the pitching pool is well balanced this year with 5 right-handers and 6 left-handers. I like what I see in the rest of the roster, too. Some big players! Estes has also secured James Rehmer as assistant coach, coming up from Florida to join the team.

I see that the Greyhounds have stepped up their manager’s DNA by obtaining our David Estes’ big brother, Jonathan, as their new manager for 2008. Nice to see they are following the Railroaders’ example. These 2 teams should produce some interesting contests this season.

The league lost the Sikeston Bulls in the off-season, sad to see them go. However, the league remains at 6 teams with the addition of the new Bobcats from Marion, Ky. These guys are near the Tradewater Pirates and their manager is an ex-Pirate manager. I’ll bet there will be some interesting matchups in that area!

Well I’m really looking forward to 2008 and Railroader baseball. The Yard crews are working hard now to prepare the field for play. A new “warning track” is in place now and the stadium is ready for action. IT’S TIME TO TALK BASEBALL!