Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back to the Cats

Are we about to get the train on the right track? Nice 2 game sweep of the Pirates. We get to go at it with them again on the 4th of July in the Yard. But now it's back to the cats, a 3 game series and a big one at that. First, today in Marion and then a doubleheader tomorrow, Sunday, in the Yard. A holiday summer weekend with lots of baseball, sounds good to me.

The Railroaders hit their mid-season point tonight, half the games completed with another 21 to go. The race is tightening up and its still any one's season to take. The Bobcats have dropped 2 in row and will be fighting mad. I'm sure they'd love to take it out on the Railroaders and get back on their winning ways. They do have great pitching, I must admit, but there are also holes of opportunities we can exploit. Our guys are starting to see the light. Let's go get'em!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

At Home battle with the Pirates

If you're listening on TeamLine, post your comments and we'll try to respond on the webcast.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Singing in the Rain

Not again? Haven't the farmers had enough? Well I have, my yard doesn't need anymore water and neither does the Yard. If this keeps up we'll need to try a new sport, maybe water polo. Are you kidding?!? Weather looks to be clear for the next couple of days anyway and we have Home game on Thursday with the Pirates. So bring on the Bucs, I know that will be a good game. But if it rains again, I think we should issue the players rain coats and mud boots and get on with some baseball playing. Again, hope the guys are resting up, there are a lot of doubleheaders again. This Sunday will be one with those Bobcats.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Examining the Bobcats

Great game last night and a good win. Seemed everyone really enjoyed themselves, including yours truly. And the Railroaders were certainly on point and their choreographed dancing in the dugout lifted the Fans’ spirits even higher. I certainly hope the guys took their energy with them to Owensboro today for the doubleheader with the Oilers. A sweep would be great and really push us forward going into the second half of the season next week.

Perhaps we should examine the next big challenge for the Railroaders . . . the Bobcats. Let’s analysis the Cats to better understand how we might deal with them this Tuesday at the Yard and the remainder of the season.

Our current head-to head record with the Bobcats is 2-4, and we’ll face them 8 more times. On the Left, take a look at some of the side-by-side stats between the two teams. I have my thoughts, but I want to hear yours. Go ahead and “comment” on what you think , or how you’d development a plan to “skin the cats!”