Friday, May 2, 2008

Hardballer might get a date.

Yea Hardballer, I do have a sister, her name is Marlene. She’s very interested in being a part of the Railroaders organization, too. She’s designed a batgirl uniform but it unsure if the team would be interested. Now if you have any pull with the front office, maybe she might go out with you just to get her foot in the door. But let me warn you, her nose runs a lot and she never wipes it. So you’ll want to bring plenty tissue with you if get a date, I’m sure it would get messy if you get the chance to kiss her. Let me know, I’ll pass your phone number along to her if you’d like!


  1. WOW hoghead,you never told me she was that HOT , but i knew she had to be something special,I am sure the managment would let her work as the batgirl,who could say no to a woman like that!The uniform is totally awsome,I feal more women like her would sure bring in the fans,and might possibly take care of the pigion problem over the grandstands,heavens knows the fake owls didnt work.With Marlene the concession stand might want to consider selling chicken wings as well.Sad thing is though I have found my date for the games, but Marlene should have plenty of attention.I always thought there should be cheerleaders in baseball and she could be the start of something for the railroaders.
    really hope to see her soon!

  2. Well Hardballer, Marlene was disappointed to hear you've already found a date for the games. But she's been looking over the Railroaders roster thinking there may be a couple of players she's interested in and even thinks Coach Estes is cute. She really likes the rugged look, runs in the family I suppose...