Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roster Adjustments

I see the Railroaders have had to make several adjustments to the roster. Several players have been hurt in post-season collegiate games, while a few others have various claims of woe that keep them from playing. However, the Railroaders front office has been on the phone and filling the spots quickly. I hear that they are looking for a catcher or 2. Well, I’m standing by my phone ready to answer the call. I did a little catching in my college days, and was the only left-handed catcher every to play for the Banana Slugs from Monkey’s Paw University. Batters had a hard time with me behind the plate.

Let’s get back to the team and opening night. I’ve been watching the 2009 Railroaders getting their act together from under the grandstand. These guys are looking tough, as well as the new manager and coaches. You’d think they’d pay me to be on the team. The pitching staff looks really strong, and there are some award-winning fielders too.

Tomorrow is the big night, I wonder who will get the start. I can hardly wait for the action to begin. The Sikeston Bulls will be coming to town for some BBQ smokin’ time. I remember them from 2007, and these old cows can be tough to cook. I’ll have to get Boilerstoker up early to help make the fire nice and hot for Bulls. Sure hope to see everyone out at the Yard tomorrow night. It’s going to be a great weekend for baseball, all 3 nights. The weather will be good also, and the food smells just wonderful. See you there!!!

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  1. Cant wait my friend, the team looks good the crowd should be FIRED UP, No rain in the forecast
    should be a great weekend to grill bull in the yard! Fans come on out this train gets rolling @ 6:30 with opening ceremonies and team introductions.Lets get it started.