Monday, June 1, 2009

From Bulls to Pirates

Sunday’s game was a good second win for us, but had its scary moments in the last third of the game. The guys came through and finally put the Bulls away and sent them packing back to Sikeston to work over the Greyhounds, . . who, by the way, won their first game on Sunday. Good luck Bulls, hope you’re able to toss those hounds about. I’ll say one thing, the Bulls don’t want to quit. And it seems the Railroaders have that same character. After only 3 games, I can see the team really “gellin” now. Some of what manager Terry Davis is doing was puzzling to me at first, but I think I can begin to see a pattern in his maddness. I was glad to see more aggressive base running last night. It seems the team is adding a new phase of the game each night. They keep this up and we’re looking for some good things to happen this season.

For the time being, I’ve headed northeast to Tradewater to see some more for myself. I know its Pirates territory and need to be careful, they can be pretty rough. So I’ve broken out my disguise (once used to spy on them) and will attempt to sneak inside Riverside Park where their base camp lies. So far I’ve not been detected. I’m sure the Railroaders train will be arriving shortly and the guys will be here to back up if caught. The Pirates are 2-1 as we are. Owensboro hold the same record. It’s time to separate the pack and pull the train ahead some. “Two roads wins and home again!” that’s what I say. Then take Wednesday off and do some dog training starting on Thursday. Well, I'm off to paddle upriver to Tradewater, hope I'm going the right way.

More to follow……….

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