Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The crystal ball tells all . . Cats then Bulls

Excellent two game series with the Bulls and a day off. Not a bad way to start the week. We should be ready for the rest of it now. Let's consider what the situation is now.

The Bobcats are stalking into town tonight and Thursday having just beaten the Pirates 2 of 3 and 2 straight wins. Before the Bucs, the Cats whipped up on the Bulls 2 out of 3 and their wins weren’t close either. They may be 12-20 on the season, but they are no push over. We need to be on our best defensive behavior and generate a lot of offense to take these games. We need wins to keep pace with the Hounds who are hot at the moment (I expect the Oilers and Pirates to throw a little water on them over the next few days). So let’s get out the catnip and put these felines in la-la land.

We head back to Bulls' arena on Friday for a 3 game set. We were successful in handing them earlier this week for 2 games, and they’ll want retribution when we return. So there’s lot of work to do in the remainder of this week. At just 1 game back, we are in great position to grab the lead once the Dogs stumble over their paws and fall. Let’s just KEEP OUR TRAIN ON THE TRACK and we’ll be just fine. The steam pressure is up and we’re ready to ROLL!

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