Sunday, July 26, 2009

Season pennant out of reach, but there's more . .

We were unable to maintain our speed and sprung several leaks in the engine that resulted in the loss of steam pressure. One leak even got Boilerstoker in the face and now he’s nursing a bad burn. There’s no time to lick our wounds though. The second seed in the standings is still available should the Greyhounds fall to the well playing Pirates. Our task is to fix the leaks in the engine and head to Marion on Monday to take on the Bobcats for the final games of the regular season. Then we have the Post Season Playoff series, a chance for us to grab the second title offered by the Kitty League. Let’s pick up our stuff and finish the race strong. We're going to erase the 5 game losing streak with a double win over the Cats. So break out the bubble gum, patch up the holes and fire it up!