Saturday, July 17, 2010

Now's the time to strike

While it may have rained us out on Friday night, the Pirates did play in Tradewater and dropped their second straight game with the Oilers. The Railroaders are now only 2 games behind the league leaders, and here they come to Fulton today for a doubleheader! The math seems simple and with the last full week of the regular season upon us it's time to strike. The Pirates are just where we want them. They have struggled of late and the Roaders are getting hotter. Let's all head to the Yard today at 5 p.m. to get the train rollin' early. A big double win today, and we're neck and neck with the Bucs. The weather should be fine, the food smelling good and some exciting baseball to watch.


  1. Your right Hoghead we need all the fan support we can get tonight,Those Pirates are gonna come hard and fast with their best effort and we know they are a good team. We are on a Roll right now and need to keep it Fired up ,This is our house tonight and lets let everyone know !!

  2. Pirates gotta a little sumthin, sumthin, they've been saving up for you Saturday. Sorry to break the bad news. The bell is ready to toll.

  3. Bring it on , we are Fired up- Capiche!