Thursday, July 8, 2010

Road Record Woes

Our away games’ standing is 2 wins and 7 losses. “What’s with that!” We have a home record of 12 and 4, a .750 average, while on the road we are .222. Someone needs to figure out what’s making our players so much less effective on the road. Could it be bus? If so, I have custom luxury Thompson bus ready to roll for hire. If includes everything a good baseball team needs. There’s even a hot tub (girls not included) for the after game aches and pains. From Internet access to a custom body job, what more could you ask for? Oh yea, a WIN on the road!


  1. Seems like the ole girl is gonna be fine(bus):)
    I dont think the guys "feel the love" on the road, goes to show what great fans we have in the yard, long stretch to go but gotta get started being the roadwarriors, Roll Train!

  2. Yea, we have great fans and Home games get a lot of support from them. The guys need to remember we're with them wherever they go.