Monday, June 6, 2011

After extensive thought

I usually do most my serious thinking early in the morning after I've hauled myself out of bed. And of course, at this time of year, the Railroaders occupy an considerable amount of that time. I realize I sometimes forget that each year a new batch of guys (for the most part) come here to play. A wise comment from "Anonymous" points out, "its early" and that is correct. There are adjustments to be made and I'm sure Matt & Tate are working on them. It is only 2 games and there's pently more to be played. Win or lose, I have faith these Railroaders will generate some trills and chills in the coming weeks. I'm feeling better already, but I admit the sooner the better for me!

Time to go face the Pirates. Big job ahead, they are a rough team by design. The Raiders of baseball! This will be a good test for the team and a little voice inside me says our Railroaders will handle them well. But let me get back to you on that, there's more thinking to be done.


  1. railroaders are about to explode with wins, mark my words.

  2. Come on Guys! You can do it, game going into the 13th inning in Tradewater.

    Heading to the bottom of the 13th with a Railroader 8-3 lead!!!!!!! Come on GUYS, close it out!!!