Friday, July 29, 2011

Final Championship Series

It all begins tonight, best of 3 in the final round of Post Season Playoffs. Just us and the Oilers left to compete. I broke out the ole' crystal ball to check and see if anything is revealed. I see a lot of hitting going on, will it be a shootout or a blowout. In the last 3 games with the Oilers of the regular season they totaled up 35 runs on us and won all three. The Railroaders were 6-5 against the Oilers before those last 3 nightmare games. Final season record with the Oilers was 6-8, time to even the score on head-to-head play. Let's get our bats and meet them on the field. It may be the 1st game in the series, but its the last game at the Yard, let's go out get the first win at home tonight!

Last Teamline webcast tonight for 2011. It's been real!


  1. This is Cody Williams dad in Oregon. Just wanted to thank you for your coverage this season. Without you we would not have the opportunity to listen to our son pitch.


  2. Hello from Rhode Island. Thanks for a great season. Without you guys I wouldn't be able to listen to my son Alex play. It would be nice if the Oilers would broadcast the next game at home. I'm sure alot of other parents feel the same way. Good Luck Railroaders and hitem hard Alex.

  3. Go Railroaders!!! Don't let that train jump the track! Listening in South Fulton

  4. your right mr Azeredo-blast the Oiler sight with suggestions of coverage