Thursday, July 14, 2011

Into the final stretch

As we round the final curve, there are only 9 scheduled games left for the Railroaders and they have a full head of steam. The Bobcats have a total of 13.1 games remaining on their schedule (1 game incomplete to be continued). Can the Cats pick up the pace and finish after leading for so long? The Oilers are on our heels, and could jump ahead anytime, and they have 12 games to get in before the end of next week. Let's don't lose sight of the Bucs either. Although they have fallen back in the race, 3 games out, there are 11 games left for them to surge and get back in it.

At this moment, I'm feeling good about our finish. We came out of the gate slow but have slowly work ourselves forward with a steady increase in speed. Now having played more games than any other team and above 500 with the most wins at 17 in the league, yea I'd say I'm positive on our chance. The Bobcats are in town Yard tonight, so let's head to the Yard for a crucial contest towards crossing the finish line first.


  1. All i know is if we could have a team full of glascocks, the OVL wouldnt be worthy of playing the railroaders, no way OJ.
    OJ MudBone Out

  2. Hear you loud and clear in Michigan! Where is the box score that you say is updated?

  3. Got it - Thanks!

  4. Thank you for the awesome broadcast tonight. We are sitting here in Houston, Texas listening to the game. Hear you loud and clear...Our son is Josh Anders on the Bobcats. Thank you so much....:)