Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Race is Tight

Only 2.5 games separate all four teams in the OVL just after the mid-point of the season. Who the teams are and how they play to becoming clearer. There are still make-up games for some teams to play, and those will wear on those teams who have to play more before the post season playoffs begin at the end of July.

The Bobcats have the edge in pitching with their team's 2.48 ERA and less error prone than the other teams. Both the Railroaders (67) & Oilers (60) appear to the base running pros for 2011. The Railroaders (.256) then Pirates (.250) are the most efficient at the plate.

I like the Railroaders odds at this point. They've won 3 of last 4 games and seem to really be coming a more complete team. If the pitching improves a bit and the errors gotten under control, we have a good chance to finish strong. We have fewer games to play than any other team. Let's stay in shape and play hard. Any other observations from anyone?


  1. I agree, but Marion sure has the edge as far as home games.....almost unfair, compared to the other teams down the stretch. This could be a real barnburner.

  2. Glasscock, Glasscock, Glasscock! That boy sure is good! Boy does he put the FLAME in FLAMETHROWER! We could hear that mit pop from Fulton!