Friday, June 15, 2012

1st Quarter Analysis

I believe the Railroaders are the most dangerous team in the OVL and I’ll tell you why, Offense! To date, of the 7 games they’ve lost, only one has been for over 2 runs.  Even in the June 9th loss to the Bobcats, they were trailing 2-10 and came back in the last inning to close it up with 6 more runs. Through the first quarter of the season, the Railroaders out hit and scored more total runs than any other team. The Opponents' combined pitching just against the Railroaders in 11 games is a 5.35 ERA. Only the Railroaders' team pitching ERA has been in doubt, but it has improved from a high of 9.64 to 5.79, and continues to get better. The field defense is improving too, reducing an error rate of 1.8 per game for the first 6, down to 1.2 over the last 5 games. You have to like the Offense, look at the following numbers:

There are 29 games left to play. I believe the Railroader Offense will dominate the season in the OVL. The Railroaders can blowout a game at anytime and the bats will only get better as the season grows older, and I think the other teams know that too. A good 4 or 5 game winning streak will propel the Railroaders into first place. I feel they are about to pick up the pace in the race for the season pennant. I can see it in their eyes when they take to field. What do you think?

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  1. Interesting stats , No about it, this crew can get things Fired up and pull up toward the front, we just got to throw the ball better and a bit nastier, as long as you are letting the other team get hits or walking them or hbp, it gonna be hard to get that engine in overdrive, long way to go but, I feel we will be like " I'll have another" in the Ky Derby , bring it from behind and geterdone
    Roll Train
    I'll Have another