Sunday, June 24, 2012

Burning oil tonight

The Railroaders are fired up and the Oilers burning mad. After a win in Owensboro last night, Fulton moves up a slot in the standing, but only by a half game. The Oilers are coming to town tonight for another game against the Railroaders at the Yard. Our boys have won 2 straight and will play to extend their winning streak. 

The top 2 teams, Hoppers and Bobcats, will be going at it in Marion. We'll need a victory tonight to retain our 4th place position and keep pace with the leaders. We will reach the halfway point of our season tomorrow night, at home again, playing the Bobcats. Two critical games for the Railroaders and I'm feeling pretty good about how they a beginning to preform. We need everyone available to come out tonight and tomorrow in support of our team. The fire in their eyes is bright and we're expecting another great game of baseball.

We'll be on TeamLine if you can't make it to game, but it will be much better live at the Yard. Let's go Railroaders!

UPDATE: The Hoppers took down the Bobcats 9-2, game started at 2 pm.


  1. You are coming in loud and clear in Summertown, TN.....Go Roaders!

  2. rattler here, go roaders

  3. just got home, had supper fixed for me, living good. see ya tmrw night. sounding good.

  4. just got home and started listening, any comments on last nights game?

  5. The train is rolling now !

  6. What does Little Monster plays mean or what is Little Monster?

    1. Its the right field fence,named after the Green Monster at Fenway in Boston