Thursday, June 21, 2012

Down in the dump?

Are you feel’in kinda sad, disgusted or just plain mad? I think we’ve been down here for long enough, how about you? If we’re working and playing the best we can, then that’s all we can expect, and respect the effort given.

Winning isn’t the only thing. Doing our best and holding our heads high in doing it, is what really counts! We learn as we go and get better from our mistakes.  Our performance gets better and we become better people for it. The team gets stronger and the game becomes more fun. After all, isn’t it the thrill of play that makes us love baseball?

If this is not case or your heart really isn’t in it, then being down in the dumps may not go away. I think your hearts are in it. Have a little fun playing the game,. Put your heart and soul in it. Come more together has a team, both on the Field and Bench.  As Boilerstoker states it, “get fired up!”

Lots of baseball yet to play….not time to quite….and no where to go but up. Sounds like an opportunity to me. Let’s come together, players and fans, and play some Railroader Baseball!