Friday, July 6, 2012

Hi Guys!

My big brother, Hoghead, called and told me how well the Railroaders have done lately. So I got online to check out the team for 2012, and WOW what a great looking bunch of guys we've got this year, especially Coach Destrade! Is he available?  

The boys sure have been hot over the past week, don't know if I can contribute to cause or not. Seems they are doing pretty good without any encouragement from me, but I'm here if I can help.

Who are these Hoppers, anyway? Seems they've really got it together too. Hope the Railroaders continue to play them well and keep up their winning ways. 

And to make it clear, I have not been down in New Orleans and certainly not on any street corner. I'm not that kind of girl, guys! I like to be treated like a lady, so be nice. I've been trying to break in TV, perhaps on some "reality show", any suggestions? 

I've always been a Railroaders Fan and look forward to seeing more! 

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