Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In Hoptown tonight looking for a Win

On the road again heading for Hoptown in hope of seeing the Railroaders chalk up their first victory in 2013. I'm in my 7th year working with the Railroaders and every season it a new one.  You'd think after all that time that beginning another season would be easy and everything well together.  However, there are always cliches popping up and adjustments to be made. New personnel and players need to be trained and learn to work together. Certainly this is true for the players. I would be nice to start with everything working good and the team winning games, but no pain, no grain.  It will come together, on and off the field.  The kinks will get worked out and the Railroaders will come together.  It just a matter of when.  Only 2 games completed and lots of ball left to play. I have feeling things will be improving shortly and we'll be off and running once more.  Let Go Railroaders!


  1. we are always listening in upstate new york

  2. Keep it going Railroaders