Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pirates at the Yard tonight

The Railroaders got their first back-to-back wins last night against the struggling Bobcats.  Wow, a 15-0 victory on the road!  Since the last post, Fulton has avoided another 5-11 start with a current record of 7-10.  Are things looking up?  I think and hope so.  Certainly the addition of Sillyman and Valdez has help at the plate, and the other Railroaders have improved their batter averages.  We're seeing a lot more power with the bats now and RBI to go with it.  I believe our overall pitching is as good and better than other OVL teams.

Tonight's game will be another challenge as the second place 10-7 Pirates enter the Yard.  The Railroaders and Pirates have faced off twice thus far, with each winning a game apiece.  They won the first by 1 run and the Railroaders took the second with an overpowering 12-0 win.  The Pirates are 3 games ahead of us in the standings and dropped their last game 6-1 to the Bombers.  In a second game last night with the Bombers, they were trailing 2-0 after three innings when the game was rained out.  I expect the Pirates to be on their toes tonight.  They are sure to play much better than the Bobcats, and their pitching will be more suited to the task of trying to shut down Railroader bats.

Fulton has a 2 straight wins, can we build on that?  I say "Yes" and expect the guys to play hard tonight. By week's end, we'll be half way thru the regular season games.  Now it the time to strike and move up in the standings.  We don't want to be playing catch up in the lower division this time next week.

FOR NOTE:  In regards to the last comment on the last blog post; an Anonymous inferred this blog was useless without fresh info after every game. To be clear, I am pretty busy creating "fresh" data contained on both the Railroaders' and OVL's websites.  I also need my beauty sleep!  This blog exist for everyone to make comments, observations and express opinions about the Railroaders and the OVL season play.  It would be helpful if those of you out there add to the content.  The more that is shared, the more "fresh" info we all can read and discuss.

Final note:  Just received a text informing that Garret Ring is scheduled to start on the mound tonight for the Railroaders.


  1. lets keep it rolling Railroaders. Need another big win tonight

  2. and yes we hear you loud and clear from New York

    1. We're also listening in Phoenix, AZ

      --Kyle Simmons' Uncle Sam

      Would love to see these kids keep the streak going....

  3. Good to hear you tonight. Mom at home and dad at work listening. Good to have a players view of the game in the box.

  4. Jake Shadix #13 parentsJune 23, 2013 at 8:08 PM

    Listening from Loretto TN,