Sunday, July 14, 2013

Down to the Final Stretch



Ten games to go to complete the regular season.  The Railroaders have four games left with the Pirates, one each with the Hoppers, Bombers, and Oilers, and three with the Bobcats.  The two main questions to answer are:  1) Can the Railroaders keep their current pace in the race?  2) Will the Hoppers stumble enough to be overtaken?

If the Hoppers trip up, the Railroaders need to be right there ready to gain ground.  No ifs, buts about it. We are getting down the wire and very little room to slip up.

The first of the three games with the Bobcats is tonight at the Yard in Fulton.  While the Cats may be struggling, a wounded animal can be more dangerous. By no means should we take the Bobcats for granted. There is still fight in Marion and the Railroaders will go on Tuesday to Marion for another game.  On Monday, the game will be with the Pirates as the Yard.

The Railroaders should be on their toes and continue to play at their best tonight, and throughout the next 11 days to close out the season.  With only 10 games to go, every one counts.  Fire it up and keep it on the track!


  1. "Never give up! Never surrender! To infinity and beyond!"

  2. You Boyz keep up the Winning , Fulton needs something to cheer about!
    O.G. Mudbone