Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Cats Are Back

Few people have thought the Bobcats would still be around this far into the Post Season Playoffs, but they are.  They played a great game against the Pirates in Round One to win and go into the Second Round to face the Railroaders. Although the Cats fell hard in Game One last night against the Railroaders, they are still a threat to contend with. They say "a wounded animal is more dangerous" and I believe the Bobcats are just that. The Railroaders shouldn't turn their backs on these guys or they could get mauled.

Fulton was 8-1 against Marion in the regular season.  The Bobcats' team pitching ERA was 6.25 and their pitching staff has suffered greatly with injuries. The weak pitching corp should be an advantage for the power of Railroaders' bats tonight.  But make no mistakes, the Bobcats will not go lightly in the good night. They play for pride now and that is a powerful factor too.

It should be great game tonight at the Yard.  If you're in the area, come on out and watch the action.  Not in the area? We'll be on TeamLine with a webcast of all the plays.  Hope to see you at the Yard or online. Let's Fire it UP again for a win!


  1. Look forward to a big night and big plays from the Roaders,,,Fire it up!! Roll Train....

  2. Looks like a cool evening in Fulton and just right for baseball!
    Lets go Railroaders from Sunny Bremerton!

  3. Proud Aunt and Uncle of Sean Cunningham have their ears on from here in Michigan. Shout out to Sean's parents Tom and Connie who made the trip to Fulton for the playoffs. Best of luck! Go Railroaders!


  4. Listening to you loud and clear from Miami Springs, Florida. We would like to thank you for Broadcasting the games and the box score that keeps us parents informed. This has been a great experience for our son Michael Diaz as well as for us. Thanks again. Have a great summer. The Diaz family (Miami Springs, Florida)