Saturday, July 6, 2013

"We've not yet begun to Fight!"

The Railroaders' guns were silent for the most part in last night's game with the Pirates.  The Pirates boost ahead into 3rd position after winning the battle, 4 games out of 1st and 2 games behind Fulton.  Our loss and Hoptown's victory over the Cats on Friday pushed Fulton back to 2 games out of first.

Tonight at the Yard is a rematch with the Bucs and a chance for the Railroaders to even the two game series.  There are 16 games left in the regular season for the Railroaders.  Over the last 16 games the Railroaders have amassed a 13-3 record., however the last 2 game we've not played up to our potential.  It's time to get the back on the right course for final third of the season.  The race will tighten and the games will get tougher.  We have the right weapons and there's a need now to use them.

Let's Fire it Up and get going again with a strings of wins, beginning tonight!


  1. Lets get those Bats going boys,,, we like winning round here
    O.G. Mudbone out

  2. Pirates 6 Roaders 3 tonight at the Yard. Pirates have a little surprise for the boys tonight.

  3. We had the bullets last night, just couldn't pull the trigger. Left 7 on base which was more than enough to win!

  4. 26 June was last time Behme was on the mound pitching in a game. 4th inning will be a better indicator of how he is doing.

  5. Coming down pretty good. We can here it all the way over in Bremerton and no it's not coming down here!