Thursday, June 18, 2015

Railroaders and Oilers once more at the Yard

Both the Railroaders and Oilers are well rested with some time off.  The weather is questionable of course, with the remnants of tropical storm Bill moving moisture up into the Ohio Valley.  But so far all looks well for baseball at the Yard tonight.

The Oilers are coming to the Yard tonight to take on the Railroaders.  The Oilers are riding high after a 14-0 victory over the Hoppers on Monday and breaking an 8 game losing streak.  Owensboro will also be looking to move up out of last place tonight with hopes for the Miners to sweep a doubleheader scheduled today against the 4th place Hoppers.

The 3rd place Railroaders on the other hand having dropped two straight games and are looking to get back on track.  Fulton’s last win was against the Oilers on Saturday this past week.  Fulton will be inclined for the Hoppers to take the doubleheader over the 2nd place Miners to take them down a notch. The Railroaders and Oilers have met three times thus far with Fulton taking a 2-1 advantage head-to-head.  Tonight’s game should be good one. Fire it Up!


  1. Looking forward to hearing at least part of the game on TeamLine tonight! I have been watching some video archives too! Go Railroaders!!!

  2. Ed and Rae MathisJune 18, 2015 at 7:18 PM

    Go Railroaders!!! lets get the bats going strong tonight

  3. I am listening! And also grilling me a burger since my Railroader Dog never arrived. Not liking all the errors tonight. You can get it together boys! #Roll Train

  4. Now we have a game! Way to go Roaders!!

  5. Go Railroaders and Brad Baldwin from Engine #68 Detroit Fire Fighters!