Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hoppers return to the Yard tonight, maybe

After last night’s loss to the Bombers, preceded by the beat down from the Miners the night before, maybe it’s time for a little shock treatment before the Hoppers arrive for a in Fulton, weather permitting of course.

The Railroaders have dropped four of their last five games and appear to be struggling.  All four losses were with the Bombers and Miners who are clearly on the up swing heading towards the final season stretch.  In the four defeats, our opponents combine batting average was .336 with 28 RBI and scored 31 runs.  The Railroaders could only manage a .207 batting average for 8 RBI runs total, well below their overall season team average.  On base averages were .421 for the Miners and Bombers together, the Railroaders only managing a .262 OBA.
Pitching ERA has suffered as well; while the Miners and Bombers had a healthy 1.50 ERA against us, the Railroaders had a 6.09 ERA, over double their season team average of 2.67. 

Do we have the spirit for the task ahead?  With only 11 games left for the Railroaders, it’s time to get off the stick and use it to produce some offense.  Four of the 11 games left are with the Miners and Bombers, two each.  The Railroaders need to win these games to stay with the top two teams.  The five remaining game with the lower standing Hoppers and Oilers won’t be a sure thing either.  No time left to continue a slump, time for hits and more RBI.  Let’s tighten up more on defense and support the pitching to help.  Fulton is trailing 4 ½ games behind the Bombers and ½ game back of the Miners. We need to fire it up and move up.

The Hoppers are due in the Yard tonight, but the weather at this point remains questionable.  Hopefully the Railroaders will be able to play the game and get back to their winning ways. We’ll be eyeing the weather and post any new information as we get it, but as for now we’ll see you at the Yard or online TeamLine.


  1. The game is still on at this time, however it's not looking good as the front continues to head this way. Ground crew has field ready but it won't take much rain. Hoppers are heading this way now.

  2. At the Yard, ready except for dressing it up. Should know something between 6 and 7 if the rain cancels us out. Hoppers still traveling, not here yet. Railroaders filtering in to the Yard now.

  3. Rain has arrived, field is covered, how long it last and how much is in question.

  4. John how is it decided if the game will be played? I'm sure there is an OVL rule to cover that situation.We would love some rain here. The Pacific Northwest is one spark away from a raging inferno. It's only 91 here today which is cooler than it has been. Roaders have had a couple of heartbreaker games, let's shake it off and focus gentlemen and do what you do...WIN!!

  5. I was listening last night and my comment didn't publish. The blog must have thought I was a robot LOL

  6. Rain letting up, but still no call on whether or the game will be played. Players, both team, slipping and sliding on the tarp and having fun....

  7. That's it, we're postponed. Too wet to play now. Next home game Friday. Thanks Sherrie for checking in. Reschedule of the game will be posted as soon as it is confirmed.

  8. when will the game be made up for Tuesday the 7th

    1. The makeup game will be part of a doubleheading in Fulton on Friday, July 17, first game at 5 pm, both games scheduled for 7 innings.