Thursday, June 8, 2017

No Time for a Panic Attack!

One week into the season and the picture we have is not what we expected. However, victory is right around the corner. Never give up; doing so only makes you a loser. Sure a 1-5 record to start the year doesn’t look good, but I remind you there’s still a lot of baseball to play yet.

The Miners return to the Yard tonight. Weather is looking good for the game. Fan support is needed to help turn the train around and headed in the right direction. Nowhere to go now but up!

One good thing in regards to last night’s game, the Railroaders were error free. That issue was starting to become a real concern. Good job for clean defensive field play. Finally, hope the two remaining pitchers arrive soon to assist in the challenge before us. See you at the Yard!


  1. Hi Broadcasting says offline for video - we cam hear audio only.

  2. Hi All, Pauls parents are watching!!!! Let's go Railroaders!!! We need this win!!!!! Let's go Roaders!!! We wish we were there.

    Anne and Paul

  3. Keep that train chuggin' !!!! Let's go Railroaders!!

  4. Pablo's family in South Miami watched the game. Keep it going boys.

  5. Was there at the game last night. Great atmosphere.

  6. Let's go Brian ("MOOSE")!!