Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday and Wednesday Games with the Oilers

Both the West Division Railroaders and the East Oilers are even with 5-5 records, so the match-up between for their first games this season should be interesting. Tonight they play in Owensboro and tomorrow at the Yard in Fulton. It looks to be hot games also with the weather forecast climbing to the 90s.

At the plate the Railroaders are slightly better the Oilers. Through 10 games Fulton has produced 84 runs and 70 IRB to Owensboro’s 72 runs and 60 RBI. The Oilers have struck out 111 times while the Railroaders total 101 strikeouts. There are 100 hits for Fulton and 94 for Owensboro. The overall team batting averages; Railroaders .275, Oilers .278. The Railroaders are a bit ahead on stolen bases with 18 over 13 for the Oilers.

Both teams have similar Pitching stats: The Oilers’ team ERA is 5.34, the Railroaders’ is a 5.64 ERA.  Total strikeouts; Oilers 101, Railroaders 98. Total hits allowed; Oilers 101, Railroaders 106. And so on…..

The stats show that the Railroaders have a small advantage at the plate while the Oilers edge out on the mound. All in all, the scales appear to balance out for both teams. The Railroaders have won 4 straight games climbing back from a 1-5 start, and the Oilers are working a 2 game winning streak.

It is time now for the Railroaders to tip the scales in their favor even further. After all, we’re only a game behind the Hoppers in the West division (Hoptown plays the Flash tonight & tomorrow).

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