Thursday, June 7, 2018

Stallions Up Next

Big win last night as the Railroaders handed the RiverDawgs their first loss of the season. Tonight we hop on the Stallions for another ride. A victory against Muhlenberg would even Fulton’s record to 3 wins and losses, a record currently held by the Stallions.

The Stallions are averaging about 7 runs a game through six games, as do the Railroaders through 5 games. In a total 278 plate appearances, the Stallions have struck out 69 times, walked 58 times, produced 41 hits with 39 RBI. Their team batting average is .203.

The Railroaders on the other hand, through 5 games, have gone to the plate 182 times with 31 strikeouts, 30 walks, 31 hits and a to total of 29 RBI. Team average is .219. A fairly close match with the Stallions except they strikeout and walk more often on average.

Pitching for the Stallions is somewhat better than the Railroaders. At a team 5.24 ERA, the Stallions are under the Railroaders 8.33 ERA. They’ve given up less hits total at 43 in six games and the Railroader have handed out 50 in only 5 games. Mulhenberg has walked by batter with 53 total, while Fulton given up 35 total in one less game played. However, the Stallion do strikeout more with 58 total with the Railroaders striking out 36 total.

A quick note on errors, Fulton has 15 through 5 games and Mulhenberg also has 15 through 6 games.

The Railroaders need to be on their game again tonight, as well as the Fans. Important game to win before going on the road for three straight days, to Hoptown, Henderson and Owensboro.

See you at the Yard or on TeamLine, 7:05 PM first pitch.


  1. can you please get game changer up and running at beginning of game??

  2. Game changer was up and running and working locally at game start. Not sure what the problem may have been on your end. Please let us know at next home game.