Saturday, August 4, 2007

Enough of that stuff!

Doc said to keep the bandages on, but I’m up for tonight’s action, unshaven and geared up to go! Lohaus will be fired up with players and fans for some real ball this time. Our adjustments have been made and now’s the time to pour it on. The steam pressure is up and we’re ready to Rock and Roll. If we start to run out of fuel, the plan is to take away the Hounds’ bats and use them for firing the boiler. Okay, just got the green light and we’re pulling out of the station heading for the ballpark. Let’s move it, Railroaders!


  1. ok, we're giving up 13 runs in the 3 games of the playoffs and gotten 13 runs. time to improve that stat.

  2. statistics don't matter at this point in the season, it's whether you win or lose.

  3. Finally, the Railroaders got the recognition they deserve on the KIT website! I think our emails must have worked!