Sunday, August 5, 2007

First and foremost

Congratulations to the U.C. Greyhounds on winning the Kit League Championship. It was a hard fought victory but they pulled it out in the end. Congratulations to the Fulton Railroaders on their fine season. 32-18 regular season and a 3-4 postseason is not too bad of a deal. We would have like to have a championship but will settle for 2nd place. The RRs will be back next year but unfortunately I will not. Picking up the family and heading off to greener pastures. Mcminnville, be exact. I will miss the excitement of being at the ballpark and the thrill of baseball season. But thanks to a fantastic webmaster I can keep up with the RRs next season and every season thereafter. I will be in Oregon but my hometeam and town is still here in Fulton. Go RRs.

Signing off,


  1. How will this go on the books, I wonder: Fulton being the regular season champion and UC the postseason champion? Or is UC considered the overall champs based on a tournament win? I sure hope Fulton is still recognized as the KIT champs.

  2. I am sure that fulton will be recognized as the kit league pennant winners of 2007 and U.C. as the kit league champs

  3. Check the Official KIT Website. It is always filled with up to the minute news about all the teams.

  4. That's funny! Well, at least the KIT updates its site more often than Farmington and Owensboro!

  5. Now that the Seasons over I can't wait for the Official KIT website to consolidate the players stats under one name per player so that their College Coachs cans see how the progressed this summer. I know our coach is ready to see the stats since he helped placed our son on the team. I'm sitting here by the computer ready to press print when they are updated.

    Thanks in advance for getting us the info