Sunday, August 5, 2007

Post Season Drama . . Down to the Wire . . .

We don’t have the Superbowl in our area, but the closest thing to it will happen at Lohaus Field tonight! Just as in the regular season race for the KIT league pennant, the first post-season playoff race is neck and neck with one game to go. The Railroader players and fans were stoked up last night and evened up the final best of 3 series at 1 with the Greyhounds. Our pitching and defense didn’t require me to climb “Little Monster” to stop opposing homeruns, so I was able to enjoy the game from under the grandstand. That bases loaded 1-2-3 doubleplay in the 7th was great to stop the Hounds from their last biggest threat of the game. And our one well-placed homerun shot by Zak in the 1st earned the game winning RBI and forced the dogs to chase us all night.

One more game, and boy will it be a good one! The hounds are running and the train is smokin’, let’s keep the boiler hot and throw the throttle wide open. The final stretch is before us and we’re almost there. You don’t want to miss this one!

A word on sportsmanship; cheering your players on is proper and important to the players. Yelling at the opponents’ players is rude and uncalled for. As Railroaders, we should strive not to lower ourselves to that level, even though it is tempting at times when hearing it being done to our players. We can win without it, maybe they think they can’t.


  1. Good luck to the RAILROADERS tonight........we are soooooooo proud of you guys!!!

  2. The fans of both teams are very poor role models for young ballplayers. If this is the KIT, then the KIT is nothing compared to the CICL or the Jayhawk League.
    A second rate league at best.

  3. I think you will get lots of arguments on that one ozark man,these kids like to be cheered for,not have dirt thrown in their face,jeering goes on in any league from t ball to the bigs, the kit league has great fans!!!! you get bad apples in any orchard ya know.small communities cant be blessed with such "golden leagues"as the ones you speak of,but we are prowd of our kit league and the fans are keeping it going !!

  4. Come one come all to the game tonight,sure its gonna be hot today temps expected to be around 99 degrees,will cool of by game time---dont miss this one! these are the dog days of summer, the dogs get lazy,the trains roll right on!!! all fired up!!!, dont miss the excitement at lohause field tonight folks,feel the thrills,feel the excitement cheer the railroaders on to a big victory as this amazing group of guys give us a nightcap on an awsome season...BE THERE!!!

  5. one more game and we are through with a season filled with drama. From the thrashing we got at Lohaus field in game 2 to 1 win away from a milestone. we need all of Fulton and South Fulton out there tonight. Support your hometown team. If there is not room, we will make room.

  6. It is my guess that ozark general knows all about bad apples. Sounds to me like he gets to smell one at all times.