Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Looking Forward to Spring!

Happy New Year to everyone! Man, oh man, it is cold outside these winter days. It only makes me long more for spring baseball season to begin. With about 4 months until the first game, at home, May 30th, it’s time to start talking about the upcoming Kitty League season. New Railroaders’ manager, David Estes, has already filled the 22-man roster for 2008 with all new players, save one, Cory White. I see the pitching pool is well balanced this year with 5 right-handers and 6 left-handers. I like what I see in the rest of the roster, too. Some big players! Estes has also secured James Rehmer as assistant coach, coming up from Florida to join the team.

I see that the Greyhounds have stepped up their manager’s DNA by obtaining our David Estes’ big brother, Jonathan, as their new manager for 2008. Nice to see they are following the Railroaders’ example. These 2 teams should produce some interesting contests this season.

The league lost the Sikeston Bulls in the off-season, sad to see them go. However, the league remains at 6 teams with the addition of the new Bobcats from Marion, Ky. These guys are near the Tradewater Pirates and their manager is an ex-Pirate manager. I’ll bet there will be some interesting matchups in that area!

Well I’m really looking forward to 2008 and Railroader baseball. The Yard crews are working hard now to prepare the field for play. A new “warning track” is in place now and the stadium is ready for action. IT’S TIME TO TALK BASEBALL!


  1. welcome back Hoghead! hope you are heading to spring training next month. estes will be calling on you in late july to help push another pennant the railroaders way. last year was a blast in the twin cities and this year will be even better. i understand that all reserved seats are sold out and fans can't wait until the first pitch on may 30th. it is time for you to fire up the hot stove league and get everyone pumped for the summer. keep working on that wicked slider of yours.

  2. Cant wait for the season to start. Although Rattler's body may be far from Fulton these days, his heart will always be there. Go Railroaders