Thursday, April 17, 2008


Lots of WORK going on in the roundhouse and at the yard, the train they call the FULTON RAILROADERS is getting ready to roll thru the KIT league. The Roster of players is full,lots of new faces to the crew this season and big boots to fill from the KIT league 2007 championship season of the RAILROADERS!! WOOO HOOO. Folks dont forget to get your boarding pass to enjoy all the 26 home games,and what a deal!!! It just cant be beat. The season tickets are SOLD OUT, but get youself one of these passes and hold on tight for a FIRED UP 2008 season. You long distance fans should be able to enjoy the internet broadcasts of the games thru teamline,and of course keep up with all the action via HOGHEAD
Rumors are this guy is still trying to make the roster as a walk on(time will tell) we all know he is born to be wild!
And if the rival match ups between the Greyhounds and Railroaders isnt enough, the head coaches are brothers , now thats what I call excitement.
Get your Baseball groove on ,bring out the entire family for a great night at Lohause field this season starting May 30. I know I cant wait ,C ya there---ROLL TRAIN!!

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  1. It has been such a bad winter and the rain just wont go away, baseball will be so nice to see agin this season in fulton! And I am sure once agin the Railroaders will be a class act.