Friday, June 6, 2008

Back a Rollin

After dropping 2 games looks like our boyz are back on track, a rollin 13 to 5 victory over those Bobcats, I bet we had the bats fired up and the our defense holding firm. Hope the crystal ball looks good for tonight as we roll this train over to tradewater. Those scallywags are hot this season, Roll on boys and sink their ship tonight!


  1. You got that right, Boilerstoker! The boys have weathered their first losses and turned it up a notch to keep pace with pack. Now on the Bucs!

  2. From what I hear, we might run straight on in to a buzzsaw at Dawson. They also have a kid that just came in that reportedly is a ringer, flamethrower. Hope our boys have some coal left in the hopper.

  3. I see the stats say we have 5 of the 8 total homeruns for the league. Had to look at both the Kit League and Railroaders sites.