Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How sweet the sound

As I sit listening to my classical music this morning, I reflected on how the music and the Railroaders are making me feel so pleasant. With a 4 and 0 start on the season, it’s like a sweet melody in my ears. The Railroaders are rock’in & roll’in down the tracks and playing some great baseball. I did get a bit tense in the top of the 9th last night when the Oilers scored 2 and pulled within 1 of us, but that last strikeout by Kyle Barnett was oh so sweet. Reminded me of Varnum last year, our closer who always seemed to give the fan a panic attack before pulling out the win. Hope it doesn’t happen too often, though, my heart can’t take it.

We often talk and write about offensive and pitching, but I’d like to write a couple of lines about our fielding. The guys are a wonder to watch. The outfield is outstanding! Elliot Frey in center and Kurt Dudley in left, are just awesome with their range and speed. These guys have taken several potential hits away. And Cory Hodskins, no less, has mastered that tricky right field. Our infield is just as good, too. I haven’t seen a bad throw to first yet. Our only fielding errors, 3, occurred in the 2nd game, the other 3 were error free. BTW, the Greyhounds have committed 16 errors in their first 4 games! So Hunter, Clay, Louie, and Stuart my hat’s off to you. Keep up the good work. And oh yea, the catcher. Eric, nice gun down to 2nd in the 6th.

Every aspect of the team is looking good. Coach Estes has gone a superb job putting the team together. Think I’ll fire my manager, he’ll never be able to get a spot on the roster now. Until then, I always have my music and room under the grandstand.

Tonight’s the last game of this home stand. I know Oilers want that loss back and will be ready to take us on. Let’s keep the pressure up, boys. Keep this train going and the music playing!


  1. Well Hoghead,after all these year of running trains I had no idea you were musicaly gifted, I have heard some noises coming from you that sounded ummm ...lets say froggy.but playing the keyboard? well thats great,maybe you can get some organ music for us,
    Speaking of talent, you are so right looks like these guys are really jellin to play some team ball the outfield,infield and our crew of pitching should keep this train FIRED UP and ROLLIN , got one more at the yard then we ROLL
    to the new team ,got tha Boiler FIRED and ready ,these oilers will be ready tonight,but they have to remember whos house they are in, and our crew is lookin to be 5 and 0 ,before moving out for a road trip.

  2. What's the deal with teamline? I'm missing the game! Help!