Saturday, July 5, 2008

Positioned to take control

Ok, the road trip is over and we finished up 4-3. Seems we lost some steam after that 9 game winning streak, so it’s time to re-stroke the boiler and take it up a notch for this 5 game home stand. I like our position on re-gaining the lead over the next week. The Firebirds are in for the first 2 nights, and they’ve been roosting up north for 3 days without playing because of rain. We’re warmed up, so let’s take them down and build momentum for the 3 games that follow.

Yea, the Pirates will be next on the agenda. These 3 games with them are our golden chance to power ourselves back into the lead. The Pirates are playing great ball and they’ll be in the dog pound with the Greyhounds for 2 nights before coming to us. We know the Dogs are playing touch and close ball. It won’t surprise me if they chew a little off the Bucs before sending them our way.

Our history with the Pirates this season is 2-3 with 5 more to go. We dropped 3 straight our first road trip there and the following trip there we took the next 2. I believe they were a better team the second time we faced them and I know the Railroaders were. Tradewater has added a couple of new guys (pitching I believe) and their stats are showing the improvement. And on the other hand, the Railroaders have continually proved they can overpower any team.

The next and final road trip for the Railroaders will see them in Owensboro for 3 and Marion for 3. The Oilers continue to slide along closely behind use. We’re in the spot now to take control and win the pennant race. Time to get back to work. There are 18 games left and next 11 could very well decide the race. Let’s get all the Fans out and pick up the players for the most exciting time of the season yet.


  1. Great game against the Birds.

  2. Yes, it was a great game. The hitting was superb, now we have to keep it up! The Firebirds are frustrated I can tell. But we've gotta to be ready for the Pirates on Monday, so we must press on with 1 more against the Birds. The Hounds did us favor beating the Bucs, only 1 game behind now. Keep the play level steady and we're in for a great ride!

  3. Nice game guys and way to bring it back to the yard, I was hawling some Jr Freight this weekend and was road trippin, Ya got it FIRED UP at home home for a smoking saturday night,Hot bats will win a game most every time and sure keep a train rolling, them birds wont go down tonight without a fight, the boiler will have to be stokin once agin, and how bout them dogs, geez,the mongrals actually helped us out last night(sure wish we had whippedem this weekend thought)
    And did I see Alan Bolden name in the stats? Is the kid back on the rail crew? Cool. we all know what a player Alan can be, Welcome home dude. I be under them bleacher with Hoghead tonight with ny broom wanting the 2 games sweep
    ALl aboard.Fire it up tonight!!

  4. These kids are fun to watch and really playing well. I like to keep book during the games. I noticed a couple of errors in last nights summary. It has Cory McCullick reaching in the 2nd on a dropped third strike (actually reached on an E3) and in the 8th called out for a "head first slide" (actually out at 3rd trying to stretch into a triple but went in clean, feet first).

  5. Summary corrected . . all the excitement . . . click the wrong selection . . thanks.