Thursday, July 3, 2008

Someone call the exterminator!

I really don’t enjoy going to the Dog Pound for baseball. Between the mosquitoes and fleas, along with the yelping mongrels, it’s hard to enjoy the game in such conditions. I like it even worse when we lose to Hounds. But one more game to go there, and we’re through playing ball in Union City for the season. So let’s take this second game on Friday and the next time we face the Hounds it will be in our Yard where the pests won’t be around to bother us. We’ll be ready then to head home for some Bird hunting on Saturday and Sunday with Farmington. It’s time to really gear it up our play too, the Pirates are sailing our way for 3 games next week. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, some of the most important games of the season will be happening in Fulton. We’ve taken the Bucs twice this year, but they’ve improved their pitching by going out and fielding a few new guys. They’ve been hot lately and just slightly ahead of the Railroaders. The lead in the standing will be on the line and we need to be ready for them. Let win these next three nights to fine tune our game and blast the Bucs out of position.

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