Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things That Make ya Go HMMMM

Well I think all us yard hands were going hmmm last night, Got ourself behind early and gave up hmmm way to many hits early Those Pirates,Hats off to them, have a deep bench and a good team.But with that said, we Have a pretty darn good group of players to,and I saw a lot of Heart out there last night, we were behind could not even buy a run till the 6th inning,and what do we do? We bang out 6 runs in a hurry folks, we have the Heart to not quit and keep digging, and that my friends is what is going to carry us into the second half of this season and fighting with the best to win this penant! So hang on fans its gonna get better,Sure another good arm or 2 would be sweet to get b4 the cut off date,but never and I mean never count us out, take away a couple mistakes over the 3 game series and we would have won them all. Lets get them Oilers!
Roll Train

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