Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to the Dog Pound

With all the rain lately, seems we'd never get back to playing baseball. However, today we begin to catch up by going over to Union City and playing 2 games with the Greyhounds. We're 0-3 thus far against them in 2009. Time to change that and gain some ground in the standings over either the Pirates or Oilers as they battle it out in Tradewater, also playing doubleheader.

It's plain to see how the dogs spent their rainy day time off, partying and without a care about their upcoming games with the Railroaders. Okay. this losing thing with the Greyhounds needs to stop, and stop tonight! Do you realize that the 3 wins the dogs have over us account for half their 6 total wins this season so far. This time let's play some good solid baseball and put these mutts away for a change. We've had two unexpected days off due to rain. We should be well rested and recoveried from the 17 inning marathon game in Owensboro last Saturday. Let's FOCUS on the game and play like the great team we are and sweep Union City. Are you really going to let them have their way with us? I say NO!

1 comment:

  1. OOOO Hoggy you are so right,we got to get fired up and shake this unioncityidous virus off,time to take it to their house and get some wins!
    I hope to sneak under their bleachers tonight at some point and cheer us on,Our crew gets those sticks going we should scold them dogs,and ruff ruff them up.
    Roll Train