Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good time to make a move.

I'm going to try and make the correct call, but I'll need help from the Railroaders to get it done.

With the Bobcats in town for 3 nights, we find ourselves in a great position to shake up the league standings. We're 4th and 2 1/2 games behind the league leading Pirates who lost on Thursday to the Oilers. The Bucs will be taking on the Hounds for three games, so we needs wins to kept pace, maybe even gain a little should the dogs bite them a time or two for us. And let us not forget if the dogs are winning, we have to win to keep them where they're at, a game behind us in 5th.

Now the 2nd place Oilers and the 3rd place Bulls are also going at it over the next 3 nights. As they duke it out, we should at least be able to slide right past one them and gain ground in the standings.

We've got to deal with the Cats, first. Their loss to the Bulls on Thursday must have a left bitter taste in their mouth, having lead the game to only lose on a grand slam homer by Sikeston. So, we can't take these felines lightly, I'm sure they will be scrapping for a win and for revenge on the 2 losses we handed them in their house. Let's shake off the 1 loss to the Hounds last night, it's behind us, and focus on the Bobcats.

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