Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hitting the beach at Tradewater

I finally arrived in Tradewater this morning only to find out the Railroaders fought a tough battle last night and won without me. They didn’t bother to wait for me! But I’m here now and ready to infiltrate the Pirates camp before tonight’s final assault on Riverside Park. From what I hear, last evening the fight was to the very end and the Railroaders came out on top. I’ve also seen where all our guys got their bellies full after the game eating up all the Pirates chow. Well I’m hear to tell you, the bucs are planning something for us tonight, not sure what, but they aren’t happy. I’ve been informed by carrier pidgeon that Nick Holmes will lead the charge for the Railroaders and the rest of our crew have a few surprises too. I’ll be here tonight to be a part of all the action. I’ll just have to ditch this disguise before game time or get pounded by the Railroaders myself. We need to get out of here with another win, then jump on my raft and head down stream for a smooth ride home.


  1. Yeah, Hoggie, well, we drowned Tuesday night.
    We need a catcher, bad. Bad..............

  2. My compliments on the artwork. You guys are full of surprises and always welcome at Riverside Park.
    Dwight Seymore/Tradewater Pirates

  3. I think our catcher is doing a great job

  4. I saw our catcher gun down 2 of 3 base runners in our loss to Tradewater. He's doing just fine. We could do a lot worse.