Monday, June 29, 2009

A Mid Season Prospectus

UPDATE (July 1, 2009): Another step up in the standings. No time to rest though, we're heading to Owensboro for a doubleheader with the Oilers. We need to keep the pressure up and move ahead more. The Greyhounds are keeping pace with their 2 wins over the Bobcats, but they are off tomorrow. They are in fact tied in 2nd now with the Oilers, just 2 games back. We can pickup another game on the Hounds with a couple of wins in Owensboro. I know it's a tall order, but I'm seeing some really good things out of our guys. I believe they can do it, and even more! On Thursday, we'll go the Union City and face off once more with the Greyhounds. We have 3 games against them this week. For note, the Pirates lost again to the Bulls, and slide to 3rd, just a game ahead of the Bulls who are starting to make a run also. You know what to do Railroaders, so full throttle ahead! It's a downhill run now, only 24 games left in the regular season.

UPDATE (June 30, 2009): It was an exciting and close game last night as the Railroaders take the first game with a bottom of the 9th, come-from-behind win over the Oilers. As advertised, the 2 teams battled back and forth throughout the night, and fans weren't disappointed. Now we're one step ahead of the pack and need to increase this lead again tonight. The Pirates dropped their game with the Bulls and the Greyhounds beat the Bobcats to keep pace.

As we arrive at the halfway point in the 2009 season, the race for the Kitty League championship has gotten very interesting. I've broken out my ole' crystal ball and see good things happening for the Railroaders. They're coming together as a championship team.

There are a couple of things to consider at mid season. First, it’s a tight race. The top 3 teams, Oilers, Railroaders and Pirates, are all within a half game of each other. The Greyhounds are not far behind only 2 games back. The Bulls remain within striking distance and the Bobcats are certainly not out of it yet. The downhill journey for the second half of 50 games will be something to see.

The second thing making this point in time fascinating, is the schedule. With 2 PPD games from June rescheduled this Wedesday, the Railroaders find themselves going head-to-head with the co-leading Oilers for 4 straight games. The first 2 games are in Fulton on Monday and Tuesday, with a doubleheader makeup in Owensboro on Wednesday. The pressure doesn’t let up on Thursday either with 3 nights against the Greyhounds, with Friday being played in Fulton.

The Pirates? Well, they have a couple of games with the Bulls this week, and then we’ll hand off the Oilers to them on Thursday for a 3 game set. The Bucs also have a couple of PPD games to get scheduled in July.

The Cats are headed for Union City to scratch away at the Hounds for 2 games, and then they’ll have to work on the Bulls for 3. Marion also has several games to reschedule.

So it’s plain to see, this week is going to be a busy and important one in shaping the standings in July. This past week has seen an even positioning of teams, but that will change for several over the next few days. I like the Railroaders match-ups and the Dogs don’t scare me a bit! Let’s fire it up Railroaders!!!

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