Thursday, July 2, 2009

Something that needs to be said

Thursday’s game against the Hounds was a close one, and all in all, a good game. We just didn’t pull it out, but there’s plenty more baseball to play and it’s not over yet.

I must say though, Union City does have a fan that is uglier than I am. He has a bigger mouth, too. He can’t help it, he probably needs attention and can’t get it anywhere else. I actually feel sorry for him, he must really thinks he’s cute.

We also need to question the intelligence of the folks in UC. I believe there were more Railroader fans there than Greyhound fans. Seems simple to me, I’d be ashamed too, if any of our fans were so crude with such obnoxious “bush league” heckling and tactics. The poor guy needs to get a life, and the poor Greyhound fans deserve a better environment to watch their team play baseball. I know that fans sometimes get out of hand, but really, this guy takes the cake when it comes to getting out-of-hand, or should I say out-of-mouth. I’m sure he’s proud of himself though, after all, what else does he have?

Just a couple of more games with Hounds in the regular season, we’ll get through them okay. BTW, it’s not just the Railroaders who have noticed this, just ask some of the other clubs.

Let's get back on our game Railroaders!


  1. Maybe this fan is a tortured soul and was teased as a child.

  2. its ok to cheer for your team,fans should get fired up and cheer the guys on--but geeze- if this guy is in the yard I hope RR managment checks his ticket and sees he is in the right section, if he is paying to be in the bleachers, he needs to stay there. way up there.

  3. if this fan shows up at the home game tonight i think the managment needs to ask him to control his comments or be asked to leave. loyal, fan BWS.

  4. i think that if this fan shows uop tonight he needs to be asked to tone down or leave, cjk fan

  5. I heard Marlene turned him down for a date..

  6. this was my first railroader home game. i must say i was impressed with the crowd and the organization. what i dont understand, why cant this team hit the ball? looked to me that every player at bat was swinging for the fence. no one was trying to place a hit. to leave so many on base, to say the least was horrible. from looking at the stats its hard to figure out how they have won as many games as they have. looks like the railroaders are on the slide going down fast. it would be a shame to see them faulter at this point. i guess from now til the end of the season its the team that wants it the most that will be the champs. the ones that are decicated to the game and not for the good time.james,columbus,oh.

  7. James, I agree the stats don't look as impressive as the record for the Railroaders. However, of late (before the dogs) the team has shown an ability to get well-timed hits and come from behind. They've taken of advantage of opponent's mistakes and the pitching has come through. The boys have moved up in the standings to 1st from a 3rd/4th position over the last couple of weeks. The Race remains tight too, four teams are within 1 ½ games at the top. It’s still anyone’s season at this point. The Hounds are hot, they’ve won 5 straight now. They have certainly managed to cool down our heels.

    Again I agree with you, whoever wants it the most will play their best. That includes overcoming errors they occur. I rather not see them at all, especially early in the game. It really seems to throw the crew out-of-sync. The Hounds and Pirates are good at using those miscues to drive their opponents into the ground. We need to focus better defensively from the start, and do the same. We are certain more aggressive with 46 stolen bases than most the teams, in particular the Hounds with twice their number. If we keep the games close, we can win, but the mistakes have to go. And if they occur, we need to get back up on the horse and go on.

  8. DOG GONE....doggone.....doggone.....
    easier said than done. These hounds have had our number, tonight will be the last regular season meeting between these 2 clubs and the game is in the doghouse..we gotta focus,stop the errors and hit the baseball! Fundimentals.. You bring out a lot of good points James,and glad you enjoyed your visit to the yard, these guys can Fire it up and do what it takes, Focus is the key,having fun in moderation is fine, the team on top at the end will be the ones that knew how to balance it all.