Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hobo Hoghead

I decided to hop a train and head to the farthest point north in Kitty League territory where the Browns reside. I made short time of it with only having to catch 3 trains and taking only 15 hours. Barely enough time for me to enjoy the trip and great leftovers I obtained from Tuesday night’s game in Fulton. What a game, huh? The boys are really at it now and I’m looking forward to seeing more, starting with Farmington. Did you know the Railroaders, after 7 games, have stolen 22 bases total? The entire league total is 54 and our guys have almost half of them! I enjoy aggressive base running as much as I do catching trains.

The 1-4 upstart Browns are behind everyone in the standings, but we all know that could change quickly. Wednesday night is the franchise Home opener in Farmington. I’m sure they’ll play their hearts out for a win. I’m looking for the Railroaders to have a different plan. Tomorrow, Thursday, the guys will return to Fulton and play the Browns a second game in the Yard. I’ll have to catch the midnight express to make in back down in time. But even if I have to walk, I’ll be there for some big weekend action.

The Railroaders are in the early season lead along with Pirates, but we have a couple of more games under out belts that they do. We're at 5-2 while they stand 4-1. On Friday, we’ll begin a 3 game series with the Pirates, one game on Friday and a doubleheader on Saturday. This will be some good baseball playing between the current top 2 teams. The Railroaders have already face Pirates once this season, and they handed our first loss. I have feeling the outcome may be different after the two meet again the week’s end.

Well, I’ve got a couple miles to go before I reach Wilson-Rozier Park. No track or train from here on, so off on foot I go. If I start now, I may even beat the Railroaders bus. Hope the leftovers with are as good as they are at the Yard. If not, I brought plenty with me.

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